Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MOD MAN #4 Origins

It wasn’t always exotic trips, beautiful models, and glamorous parties. Before the fortune and fame came a long line of opportunities and based on how these cards were played gave the result you see today. Yet there was one pivotal moment that could have given the whole story a different tilt. Some years back when he, Malcolm Fitzgerald was just a name on a roster for a youth baseball team with dreams of making it to the league was all he had dreamed of. He was scouted straight out of High School. There was talk be it reckless and unjustified or completely justified the talk was that this kid was to be the next Ken Griffey Jr. with a rocket arm and a bat full of t-n-t this kid was bound for the league. 

Eventually graduating High School he headed to Texas from California to attend school and play baseball. Texas wasn’t the only school to give him a full ride to play baseball, as his talents were well known yet hopes of having him on their roster with an already strong core of players definitely made the possibilities for a winning season even more possible. Working through all paperwork and preparations to become a Longhorn had him up for the move. Traveling with his parents helped him to settle in. Immediately he was in love with the campus and the campus was in love with him, as people were gravitating to him like he was already a “big man” on campus. 

After a stellar year of playing centerfield for The Longhorns the talk of going to the league rose a notch making the signing for the draft a major decision for the young Malcolm. Ultimately he decided to stay another year in hopes of taking The Longhorns to the College World Series and winning a National Championship. They had only missed by a few close games and as his status continued to grow. 

As a student his studies ventured into the creative arts. He had always been creative as a kid yet his athletic talents always over shadowed his creative side. Sometimes he was taking a hit academically as he’d spend more time on the field than his studies. In his heart and mind his path was as an athlete. 

As another year passed at Texas and still no National Championship the decision to enter the draft loomed large. This time around he took it singing up for the draft hoping it was the right decision. The excitement was palpable from teammates, coaches, to students, and teachers they were all happy for him and for having gotten to know him, the kid whom might someday become a household name for playing the game he loved. 

All along the way and even up to this point he had been developing a relationship with a girl named Candace. She wasn’t a groupie, actually far from it as she was an art major and was in his Photography class and got to see his a keen eye for the process. They became close friends leading up to his decision to enter the draft. Again, she just wasn’t some girl he’d call up asking for a booty call. Although there were times they filled a void for each other in the course of their complex relationship. 

Candace was from Texas a red headed green-eyed girl with a dash of freckles on her face. Malcolm had shared with her first the news that he’d forgo his next few years of college to go play baseball. Their time together had created a bond between the two that had made his choice to leave a difficult one. The unexpected or expected consequences was that they both knew the day would eventually come, but the abruptness made it that much more difficult. She did try to talk him into reconsidering, but Malcolm was nowhere near hearing that kind of talk. At which point Candace questioned where they stood were they friends or was it more to which Malcolm sided with her realizing that it had become something more than a friendship.

The resolving factor was Malcolm explaining to Candace that if she wanted to see him happy she’d see this was the right move. Candace after much thought and reasoning found it to be the right choice, as his life would completely change and her role in. She hated to see him abandon all the work and progress he had developed as an artist and photographer so she made Malcolm agree to finding ways to continue his artistic studies and take a camera wherever he could to keep his photographic eye sharp. Malcolm agreed and within days of sharing the news to the world in a news conference that he’d be heading to the draft he found out he was drafted by to L.A. Dodgers and heading back home to play ball.    

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Monday, June 26, 2017


He are some stills shots taken from our interview with Daniel Beebe as well as links to his work danielbeebe.wordpress.com & on Instagram @dtwobees   ...GO!!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017


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Two friends in their early 20s (Hill and Teller) living in Miami Beach during the Iraq War exploit a little-known government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on U.S. Military contracts. Starting small, they begin raking in big money and are living the high life. But the pair gets in over their heads when they land a 300 million dollar deal to arm the Afghan Military - a deal that puts them in business with some very shady people, not the least of which turns out to be the U.S. Government. Based on true events. Written by Warner Bros (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

So upon seeing the trailer for WAR DOGS I felt this was a film that at some point I needed to watch. Upon viewing this film it was good. From the stories execution, cast performances, and the dramatic true to life ending it was a true roller coaster ride. I enjoyed it. So for WAR DOGS I give it 4 stars.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


He awoke from a deep sleep. It had been the best sleep he had had in a few weeks and was feeling decidedly rested. Looking at the blank ceiling above him reality was sinking in on him that he had spent enough time wallowing in the depression thick like mud that was all around him. Windows had their curtains drawn tight, he hadn't shaven or kept up hyginically in weeks. His apartment had become a pigsty as well as his mind with thoughts of impending doom. 
As he lie there he knew things couldn't keep going this way. He recalled his vow to change and the ceremonial gesture that took him to a random church's altar to say a word. To have gone through all that and end up in a worse place seemed cold, dare he say un-Godly.
He worked through all the reasons why he shouldn't get out of bed realizing again that if anything was going to really change he knew he had to be diligent whether at the moment he felt it or not. He moved from his prone position to sitting at the edge of his bed arms slumped over his knees. Then with a mighty sigh he began to do the things that he should have been doing all along.
He hopped into the shower and shaved. He tidied up his atrocious apartment and drew the curtains letting in the sunlight. He closed his eyes and his body winced as if he was part vampire and the sunlight would destroy him. Soon he became acclimated again to the natural light and was even a little energized by it. He had put on some music to aid him in the process and it all seemed to be working. 
He stood at his living room window taking in the view as he had returned his living quarters to something that resembled a healthy some may even say sophisticated set up. Yet as he stood there somewhat pleased with himself his mind wouldn't let him realize he was getting things back on track.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MOD MAN #3 Ms. Auguello

He sat slowly sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee at the patio seating of his favorite coffee house clearing his mind. He was meeting a perspective client in an hour, his nerves a little on edge, which was a good thing keeping him on his A-game. The thoughts running in his head ranged from the numbers, facts, and clients they as a studio had been able to attract. There was also the number of campaigns they had put together. In another part of his mind was the constant battle to keep at bay the fears, doubts, and securities he had about my life and life choices.

The caffeine in the coffee hadn’t yet hit him yet, as from where he was sitting He watched two young women of Asian decent walk up to the coffee house patio. Now, in even another part of his mind, the game was on. The game was to figure out the nationality of the two Asian women that walked up, maybe a bit racist, but it was his own personal fetish and he couldn’t help it. He discreetly watched them settle in placing their essentials they were carrying on the table. They were both carrying iphones with black cases. One had a Burberry purse she opened, and he could see she had an old school disposable camera inside.

He took another drink of the still hot coffee. The client he was to meet was looking to reinvent their company, once a global youthful brand. Over the years, their sales and audiences took a down turn. They were asked to come on and reenergize and re-develop the lagging brand.

Korean, he thought in his head, as the phone of one of the girls went off, catching his attention. They were now set up with a Mac laptop to the WIFI and were fervently working and messaging on their phones. One was dressed in a navy floral patterned summer dress with a brown leather braided belt cinched at her waist, embellished sandals, and black-rimmed coke bottle cap spectacles. The other seated with her legs crossed, wore a pair of jeans shorts, a tribal print top that formed to her torso, as she looked into a purple Land’s End tote bag. Both girls had their raven colored hair tied up in pigtails. He couldn’t make up his mind on where they were from, watching the one in jean shorts, examining her unpainted toes, and looking up from her phone just for that moment.

He was just about finished with his coffee feeling good about the upcoming client meeting. Securing this account would be monumental, and it would also make them a global production company, more than just a production studio. Some tried to degrade their success by calling them “Kidults”. They embraced that and really thought growing up was a trap and they, he, wanted no part of the “old way” of thinking.

He sipped his coffee down to just about the last drop, intent in savoring the moments before he turned on the charm and power of persuasion. He laughed as his mind was now saying “Chinese”, as he overheard the two girls talking. He couldn’t be sure they were speaking Chinese, but it was another un-informed guess. The cute red headed barista called out, “Ruth”, and the Asian girl in the navy dress went up to the counter and grabbed a drink and a pastry, bringing it back to the table. The two girls split the sweet delicacy.

The caffeine rush was now hitting him, and he was unconsciously tapping his foot in a nervous pattern. Now was the time to walk back to the studio and burn off some of the buzz and do the final prep for the client meeting. He took the last drink of his coffee got up from the table, and began to walk the three lovely blocks back to the studio, which was a matter of a few minutes away. He was dressed in a light green YSL cashmere knit sweater, Diesel jeans, black Diesel invasion sneakers, and his special gold Rolex on his left wrist. He shielded his eyes with a pair of classic Ray Bans, going back on his previous decision of thinking the two girls were Chinese, thinking now that they were Japanese.

He began walking at a faster pace; the excitement of pitching his studio’s capabilities gave him a bit of a hard on. He checked just to make sure he wasn’t pitching a noticeable tent on State Street. When out of the crowd of people ahead of him came a vision of beauty walking toward him. He, to this day, he doesn’t know what drew his attention, be it the color contrast of her dress against her terracotta color skin, or the way she glided in and out of the crowd. She walked, coming ever closer to him closer. He was sure their eyes met behind shaded lenses, as her head turned with a little hitch bouncing her blonde locks into the calm breeze kicking up. The closer she got, the more details he picked up from her. She wore a canary yellow silk Chloe dress, light blue suede Giuseppe Z heels, and carried a white Hermes vintage leather tote. She had easily walked into his line of sight, and the closer she got, she walked into his heart. He thought about stopping her and complementing her on her gorgeous dress. Yet, if they actually started a conversation, he knew his focus would be lost for the meeting he was so wrapped up in. He felt like the Universe was working in his favor, synchronicity to the max, but this wouldn't be the cherry on top.

She kept walking down the sidewalk toward him. It was inevitable they’d cross paths at this point, but then he got a message on his phone. Grabbing his iphone from his jean pocket he saw that the message was his assistant Nicole, informing him the client had arrived at the studio. Time he guesses wasn’t on his side in this encounter. She was less than half a block ahead of him. She moved with power and grace looking like a Jake Davis Test shot. She was now in front of him. He tipped down his Ray Bans, showing his eyes looking directly at her as she walked by, mouthing the words DAAAMMN! She saw him, he was sure, but she kept walking. He turned and watched her walk off admiring the switch in her walk; it was everything he expected it to be.

He pulled his thoughts together, walking into the studio greeted by Nicole holding the portfolio he had set up for the client. He began walking to the conference room and Nicole informed him the client had stepped out to take a call. He was more than ready, and with time now on his side, he sat at the conference table briefly looking over his notes in the portfolio like the waning moments before a final exam. Nicole came back into the room followed by a middle-aged man in a grey suit and then with another man maybe a bit younger, in a navy pinstriped suit. He wondered who these two men were, since he was expecting a middle aged woman with a Hillary Clinton pant suit or some kind of dress to make her look younger. He shook the hands of the two men introducing himself and finally asking, “So where is Mrs. Arguello?” The man in the pinstriped suit, who introduced himself as a lawyer, corrected him by saying, “You mean Ms. Arguello” He looked at Nicole and then at the portfolio in front of him. Everything they had was Mrs. Arguello; did they make a mistake right off the bat?

So he went with it. “So where is Ms. Arguello?” The man in the grey suit who introduced himself as an accountant, chimed in, “She should be back shortly. She went for a cup of coffee.” Both men explained that Ms. Arguello is a fan of the coffee house down the street and that where they were from, they had to import, it and seeing it as a real brick and mortar shop, she couldn’t resist. He told the men he loved the place as well and that he was just there, a funny thing. He looked the two men over sizing them up a little, the only mishap thus far the Mrs. or Ms. Arguello, which got him really thinking about who this lady was. Then she walked in a cup of coffee to go and a pouch of coffee beans in her hand. It was the woman he admired on his way here. He was stunned. With his jaw slack, he managed to stand, as she put the pouch of beans on the table. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. He reached out to shake her elegant hand. She winked at him and mouthed the words DAAAMMN! They then sat down, and she sat directly in front of him without breaking eye contact, synchronicity was on time.  

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