Friday, April 16, 2010

The Verdict

So its Friday, a week has pasted and as the weekend dawns I feel good about my efforts this week. I finished a design contest t shirt and I feel really good about my chances of winning. I stumbled upon a few t shirt designers whose work and story has further inspired me to keep up my efforts and design. One is a line called and another is . While Paper plates seems to be early in its journey Johnny Cupcakes has been around for awhile and has gathered quite a following and his story from the beginning is also very inspiring. And as I continue too on my own journey I know I'll be looking to more designers like these to see how they progress and how their progression can help me along my way. LETS GET IT!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rise & Grind

As I look to pick up pace in my life and my work I find myself forced to x out the unnecessaries. To my surprise initially there wasn't much really I thought I needed to do... initially, but as time moves on I am seeing there is so much more to do. Its all about persistence & consistence and putting all the bull shit aside and getting to what really counts because at the end of the day my timeline for my success is up to me. So as I post this at the beginning of the week April 12th 2010 lets see where I am come Friday. LETS GET IT!!!

"You will resemble, tomorrow, the dominating thoughts that you keep alive in your mind today!"-Napoleon Hill