Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its About Focus Again

So much has been going on with me and it is just about to be three months into 2010. I have a show coming up at the 1078 Gallery here in Chico, Ca March 12th. I will be showing a photo series called "Reveling the Alter Ego" and a short film called "Take My Hand". These past few months have been a great experience for me as well as a learning process, but not like the learning process of before. This time around I know how to work with people, I know how to schedule events and the importance of writing it all down, I even now carry a planner (Whoo rayy!). What I am learning is the clarity of focus you have makes a major difference in you outcome... better yet to have a pin point, crystal clear idea of what it is your after, your goal, your dream makes it that much easier to weed out all the other distractions and see them for what they are and stay focused. Now when I am faced with a road block or something unexpected pops up I worry less or sometimes not at all its as if I am so focused that when things get in my way I don't even see them, or as a photographer, I'd say my focus is on the subject and all else is out of focus and less important that I'll find a way to resolve the unexpected issue and re frame my subject, my goal, my dream so that it becomes the most important thing I see... it becomes what I am about. And if I've learned that in 3 months imagine what I'll be doing in 6.