Thursday, March 19, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH. In today's post we revisit a #TBT PSF featuring male model Brandon Lee. Assisting on the shoot were Producers Kikuyo Chrysler and Tricia Hutchinson. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Recently we got hired to do some branding work for a close associates branding problem. What follows is a preview of the process from rough sketch, to a complete mark, and a possible design layout. And have a safe and fun St. Patrick's 

We’ll revisit this project once everything is finalized and put the whole project into perspective, but for now Enjoy!  

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH. In today's post we share a #TBT PSF featuring model Jen assisting on the shoot Producer Kaitlynn hess. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We arrived at Mr. Quiring’s studio a few minutes before he did. Looking at his suite door painted red it stood out from all other warehouse doors creating a seductive sense of curiosity to what lies behind the door. Once inside I was amazed at the layout and how the studio was set up to maximize space. We sat at a sofa and coffee table where a bronze mermaid statue dove to the floor with her fish tail reaching upward to the open ceiling.

I started the interview like the others trying to get at the heart of how Gary Quiring started his career. Gary told me he was always artistic working in numerous other mediums; design, sculpture, and metal work were the areas he spent most of his time in school at Yuba City JC. Soon he made it over to Butte College, the early days where the campus was more spread out. Here Gary took photography as any young student and found that he took to it very well. He was soon in the darkroom at all possible times, sometimes over night teaching himself the craft with the blessing of his professors.

Gary has been doing photography for more than 40 years. He started shooting in his home and through the years moved into the space we were meeting as the business developed and out grew the space in his home. Gary revealed another transition like moving his studio that caused some issue, which was moving from film photography to digital photography. Gary who I quickly found had the knack of story telling told me how he saw the writing on the wall that digital photography was going to take over yet he went kicking and screaming, as they say, before the purchase of his first digital camera body setting him back $5,000.00. From that moment Gary realized what he had been missing with digital he found he had much more control and it became very useful in showing progress through out a shoot as the shot would be readily available on the lcd screen on digital cameras.

 I asked Gary if there were any photographers who he looked to for inspiration and he mentioned Helmut Newton, a favorite of my as well. He said he liked Newton’s Black and White photos and his ability to wed fashion and erotica in his work. In a way this influence has shown up in Gary’s work, as he does a lot of commercial and product work, but his focus on tasteful boudoir and erotica photography was apparent. Gary’s love of his work comes from his innate ability to be social he loves to make people feel good, feel beautiful. One of his greatest memories comes in another story where Gary talked about a model that was extremely self-conscious of her body. At one point in the shoot she asked if she could see one of the shots. Gary showed her on the LCD screen and the look on her face was incredible Gary said she had never realized how beautiful she was till that moment. That is the type of moment Gary thrives on and, which shows his genuine interest in people giving them an ego boost with each shot.

I mentioned Gary was a very sociable guy that had a pletora of stories to tell, more than I could put in this post. Yet through our talk Gary told me of trips some self-assigned working trips, some just for pleasure to places like Thailand, Mexico, and Cambodia. Gary even went on to share with me his love of wine making, a hobby he does in his free time even giving me a bottle of Syrah to take home with me.  

Finally I asked Gary if he wasn’t doing photography as a profession what would he think he would be doing? As an always-creative person Gary said it would be hard to say yet he believes photography for him was the best choice of all, as it has afforded him the ability to live and work in his home town and abroad building a lifestyle that suits his person. Yet if he could have been doing something else it may have been metal sculpting or some other form of creative outlet.

I saw a great deal of myself, or at least what I aspire to be in Gary. 40 plus years of working in an industry as photography says a lot. Weathering technological changes, to relocation and development of his studio shows his ability to adapt and become something more, which is the sign of a progressive man. If you’d like to schedule your own shoot with Gary or even just get a quote you can find him @, email or call 530.342.2602.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH. Today's PSH is a #TBT to our shoot with the gorgeous curvaceous redhead model Bethany Johnson.  Assisting on this shoot was our producer Ellen Molchen. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I look out my studio window at a blue sky filled with fluffy cotton ball shaped clouds. I am not thinking about the intense need California has for some rain from these clouds. I am thinking about a post someone shared on my Facebook feed last week.

It was from a girl out of my recent past who was commending me for being a friend and how when we met she was in a tough point in her life. She just wasn’t happy and more important she was just not thriving and pursuing the things that brought her joy. The post continued to describe how meeting me and getting to know me sharing with each other I helped her get in tune with her truth and whom she really was. I accepted her for her quirks, faults, and uniqueness. It truly was a kind hearted post that I believe came from a real genuine place of gratitude.

At first, upon seeing the notification I figured it would be a link to an interesting article, a funny post, or a diy project. In the back of my mind, knowing how I feel about this person I hopefully imagined it would be a post of a picture we had taken together that I loved, but at the same time not thinking it could be that, but one could hope. When I was finally consumed by the thought of what the post was I broke away from what I was doing to check it out, I was more than surprised to see not only was it the exact picture, but an extremely positive note that proclaimed me as the one for helping her get back to enjoying life and thanking me for being a part of her life.

Being the type of person who has a time dealing with complements, I had a hard time knowing how to respond. Seeing others commenting on the picture was a bit of an ego boost for sure. So I took some time and re-read what was written and it was something that made my day. I calculated how to respond knowing how I did feel about her and wondering if this was that moment one turns a friendship into something more? I responded in a reserved manner, commenting on the picture, as the memory of that night came forth and thanked for the kind words, a very blah and un-emotional response on my part.

I ended up texting her later that day with a more in-depth response inviting her to meet up for coffee, like the first time we had met. Only to have that text still not get a reply back to this moment. I don’t know where I went wrong, or if I went wrong at all? Maybe I should have just called. Either way she’s on my mind, this post is on my mind. Most of all, the thought of or how I didn’t make the most of a moment, or whether that moment was really a moment at all?


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