Thursday, August 31, 2017


The night before the Iona's food truck soft-launch he lay in bed and couldn't sleep. Partly because he was rechecking his mind's checklist for anything he may have forgotten. 
He was also recounting his steps that had found him on the verge of a new career in a new industry. His thoughts were more on the serendipitous things that came his way that if he hadn't taken action on them he might have found himself in a completely different course. Feeling blessed to have come so far he drifted off to sleep. 
The next day was the soft launch party at a local high school football game yet before that he had to stop by the steakhouse and pick up his last check. The meeting was bittersweet as he could tell there was some tension, which he apologized for and gave hugs to those who were huggers and firm hand shakes to those who weren't and thanked the owner generously for trusting in him when he was down. 
Later that evening he met up with his neighbor who was dressed to work helping him in the truck through the game. They parked the truck at one end of the field where it could be seen and at first feeling people would rather go to the high school snack bar as things were moving rather slow they stayed patient. 
The idea of the soft launch was to get feedback and get some questions answered that they had about staff and the menu items. The answers soon came as at halftime of the varsity game people flocked to Iona's with an inquisitive faces looking over the menu. Then orders began to pour in they were struggling to keep up, but served each customer in a timely fashion as come the second half of the game till the end they got the answers they needed as people whom had been served came back to complement the food service.
He looked at his neighbor in the close quarters of the food truck smiling at her as they knew without a shadow of a doubt they were on something big.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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Saturday, August 26, 2017



SNOWDEN stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is written and directed by Oliver Stone. The script is based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena. Written by Open Road Films (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

So this past weekend I finally watched SNOWDEN. My feeling on the film compared to the content in the film seems to be sending my different direction, but lets start with the film itself. I felt the direction of the film was dealt with an entertaining and dramatic manner. I mean with Oliver Stone as director I felt did a great job. My issue with the film is I wished simply that it were a bit more enthralling visually. This leads me to the content of the story, which based on true to life events is where I feel I got lost. Understanding that all these secretive agencies exist was just mind-blowing and not just that, but a level of scary definitely was involved. So when you put the real life factoring mixed with a well-developed way to tell this story I give SNOWDEN 3 stars.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Time drew closer to the day he'd have to give notice at the steakhouse, while his neighbor scheduled a meeting with some of the financiers to talk and taste test some of the items on his menu.
With the truck being repaired and updated the idea once a dream was coming together. He looked over the menu and was rethinking the whole thing as his nerves were becoming an issue. As a kid he had had asthma attacks many times brought on by intense situations. Back then his mom would gently rub his back and tell him everything would be alright. Without his mother around he closed his eyes and just tried to quiet his mind from all the worries. After a while he was able relax feeling confident. 
He began to think back to his menu realizing he had created something that would set him apart from the rest of the food trucks he had seen around. Granted the gourmet grilled cheese truck that had set him out on this track was good, but he had created something even better. 
He met with his neighbor on a neutral ground reserving a spot at a local Co-op with a kitchen to meet with the financers. He cooked as they talked giving some of his background and the work he had done before. They even asked about why he was finally willing to take this new adventure. He then recounted his steps from the day he fell to his knees at a random Church looking to the heavens for guidance.
Upon plating the items on the menu he smiled proudly to what he was servicing the three financers in front of him. He claimed the menu was a list of delectable items that you could eat on the run and still taste the comfort of home naming the business IONA'S, as that was his mother's name. 
The financers were pleased with the menu, his presence and the story he told him about how he ventured out in life and eventually had to come back to something he had wanted to do for so long. Each investor then agreed to the terms and his dream continued.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MOD MAN #11 Ms. Arguello

Malcolm left the studio that night dressed to the nines for his dinner date with Ms. Arguello. Rather than picking her up in his car he used the company’s black SUV to pick her up from her hotel and go to dinner. He wanted the night to be a nice stay for her in the city, but with the already sense of sexual attraction he didn’t want to confuse business and pleasure. 

As he pulled into the hotel and hopped out he asked the vale to keep it close being that he wouldn’t be staying long. It was just now turning 6:45pm he was a bit early so he waited in the lobby of the luxurious hotel and took a minute to people watch. He watched an older couple of some affluence checking in, which made him think how the access to capital protected oneself and gave you options, while not having money keeps you in the perpetual chase for the dollar. Malcolm wasn’t one to be overly political or fervor for any cause outside of the basics like the pursuit of happiness and living by the golden rule, but he had a moment there while he clearly saw the divide and realized to change that and where to start was such a huge question. 

He continued to wait sitting in a plush chair with an avant-garde print when he saw Ms. Arguello step out of the elevator. She hadn’t seen him straight off so Malcolm took just another second more to admire her beauty wearing a stealthy little black dress with a plunging neckline and a sparkle of accessories. Malcolm then stood up and moved in her direction. He called out to her politely and she turned with a twinkle in her eye as she set her sights on Malcolm. They greeted each other with a mild embrace and a kiss on the cheek. Ms. Arguello was definitely impressed at how Malcolm cleaned up looking sharp in a tailored suit. Although she admired his appearance she commented that he should call her Martha and drop the formality. Malcolm smiled understanding his formality in addressing her came off as too professional, but he realized now they could become more intimate on a first name basis. 

They excitedly left the hotel lobby walking out to the vale to bring around Malcolm’s company vehicle and the two of them were off on their dinner date. Along the drive they engaged in some light conversation as Martha commented on how the hotel she was staying in was nice, but that the American way of hospitality was somewhat lacking as it compared to back home in Peru. Malcolm segwayed from that topic to sharing with Martha the place he was taking her he felt got the hospitality thing right as well as serving a tremendous meal. All the while speaking about it in a way that sparked interest, but didn’t over selling it. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant the sun was just beginning to go down so it was suggested by the hostess whom took their reservation to maybe dine out on the balcony. The suggestion was on point as the spot they ended up with gave them a marvelous sunset view of the ocean and the city below. After placing their order and served a nice glass of Californian Merlot they began to talk more personally giving Malcolm insight into Martha’s mind and family experience. Martha talked about how her father was teased as a child for his last name which in Spanish means “weak”. To combat that her father promised himself to make something of himself, which lead him on many journeys finally creating one that he had built into a multi million dollar business. Perfecta Toro tequila was named that because a bull was viewed as a very strong animal and that was the image her father loved to represent him. The roots story Martha had told him inspired Malcolm to want to provide her and the Perfecta Toro tequila company a great campaign that would let the whole world know the name. 

The rest of dinner flowed like a great bottle of olive oil pours out. They were vibing with each other bonding on many points as the sensual attraction grew. Martha complemented Malcolm on the selection of restaurant as he covered the bill and the two of them walked out arm in arm onto State Street and took in the attractions available. Upon getting back to the hotel it wasn’t too late and they both had had a few glasses of wine, but were no where near tipsy just very relaxed. They made it to the lobby still arm in arm. There was a strong attraction that had built throughout the night and now they both were in silence wondering what to do next. 

Malcolm lead Martha to the elevator she had came down in holding each other’s gaze. Malcolm summoned the elevator still in search of what to do next. He in no way wanted to overstep the boundaries so as the elevator doors opened a voice in his head told him to go up with her. He held the door as they embraced a little more deeply hands lingering against the other while kissing each other’s cheek thankful for a wonderful night. Martha reluctantly walked into the elevator turning back to Malcolm as to say he should join her. Yet still holding the door looking at the marble floor thinking he voiced how he was looking forward to seeing her again very soon in her home town for the visit to the Perfecta Toro factory in a few weeks and then he let the doors go. There was a slight delay in the doors closing, which allowed for them to share one last wanting gaze with the other before the doors shut tight taking her to her floor levels above.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017



Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone - tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. Written by MuTaTeD (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database).

Much of what I saw in the film THE MARTIAN and loved could also be found in the film GRAVITY. Drama, suspense, and action they were all there and yet the things that struck me the most was this idea of problem solving. In each film the problem to solve was getting home admits dire straights like being left on Mars, as in THE MARTIAN, or as in GRAVITY getting home after an aborted mission. Whether these are scientifically proven ideas in the film I don’t know. What I do now is when faced with a problem and looking at your options and deciding to make an effort in the direction of a solution no matter how impossible I think is a great lesson to learn and makes for a great film. So for GRAVITY I give it 4 stars.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


As much as he knew about the finance world there'd be a lot of money spent up front and the work would come in making it back and paying lenders.The seriousness of the situation didn't pass him by he knew the real work would be up to him actually making the truck go with selling items people wanted to buy and eat.
He continued looking through the proposal as the chatter in the background subsided and she came out and sat next to him. She asked him what he had thought so far to which he nodded his head excitedly ready to start. She liked his enthusiasm but she had seen it during the late nights in his apartment cooking up some delectable items. 
They had a long way to go before anything was final but the first step was seeing the truck to making sure it was worthy. They scheduled a time to meet with the dealer after she got off work but before he went into work the next day. 
Upon meeting at the lot with the dealer there were a numerous amount of vehicles in the lot, but sticking out amongst the crop you could see the lime green top of the food truck from the ad. He got in with permission of the dealer and saw it needed some major work From new appliances, gas stove, counter tops etc. They knew the deal would be risky but that was when it only seemed like minor work. One bright spot was the truck started up and seemed to run well so that leveled out the risk involved a bit. 
The two conversated to the side both looking they're professional finest. Upon breaking their huddle they talked the dealer down pointing out to actually make the truck viable they needed to spend money to refurbish its appliances. After a bit of a standoff with each party in silence the dealer saw their point of view. It was smiles all around as the first step in their plan had been achieved. They then scheduled payment and the rest, but first a group selfie as the deal had been struck.

Monday, August 14, 2017

MOD MAN #10 Summer

He rushed down the steps to the garage running a tad bit late, and he fuckin’ hated being late. In the garage was his pearl white Lexus. Kimberly, who was living with him, had left earlier in his I S red convertible Lexus. She was headed to a casting call. She was a new to the area looking to live out her dreams like anyone else. As she headed to this casting for a big budget gig, she was told she’d be working with a few as yet to be cast big names. Some of the names being thrown around were Eva Longoria, Bruce Willis, and even Leonardo DiCaprio. Malcolm told her over a dinner of shrimp linguini and a crisp Pinot Grigio that no matter who was cast, this was her opportunity to make her mark. She’d need to kill the read through.

He himself was headed to the studio as we were shooting the final scene for their fourth feature film. A bagel with cream cheese, his breakfast held between his teeth, he moved closer to the car, opened it up tossed his bag on the passenger seat, and sped off. The drive to the studio always made him daydream a bit, as on his right was the amazing ocean view. On his left was the lush foliage and open plains. That all changed when you hit the city limits of track housing, businesses would pop up, and the view of the ocean was set back amongst the urban sprawl. On his mind were a number of unconnected thoughts and images passing through. One was of the impending work at hand for him once he got to the studio. Another thought that lingered was of Okoye. She was also living with him, a model type with gorgeous natural raven colored locks and legs that looked like they went straight to heaven. The image stuck in his head was of her reaching for a box of cereal wearing nothing, but one of his t-shirts creeping up and showing a tantalizing bit of her butt cheek. He stopped in his tracks, that vision now stuck in head head.

At that moment his iPhone began to ring. He assumed it was Nicole, Malcolm’s long time assistant, checking up on him, but it was David Beckham. Quite the surprise, he thought, as they had recently become friends, and he had watched him play a few times, as he had given them tickets. He answered the phone, still driving with a bit of anticipation to why he’d be calling at this moment. He said, “What’s good my friend?” He replied with his thick Brit accent, “I’m well my friend. I see I didn’t wake you up. You’re already up and at’ em”. He asked him, To what do I owe this morning call?” He went on to explain that he wanted to invite Malcolm to a dinner party at his mansion that weekend. He and his wife, one of the sexiest women Malcolm had ever met, wanted him to meet some of his friends and family. Malcolm was awe struck. His jaw dropped in a shocked reaction, as his mind raced with a what, who, and how did this happen kind of pattern. He guessed he was continuing to move up in the world. Malcolm let him know that he was driving so to text him all the details. He obliged Malcolm with a Cherri – o, but first let Malcolm know he should bring a date, but no hoes. This statement was, in a way, saying politely that Kimberly and Okoye were out, not that they were hoes. Malcolm guessed some people got the idea that being that they lived with him rent-free there was some kind of arrangement, and there was. He had to laugh; he guessed he wasn’t fooling anyone. He also mentioned dinner would be held outside to watch the glorious sunset.

Malcolm pulled into the parking lot of the studio and Nicole immediately bombarded him with questions and messages, her headset on her head and a cup of Yerba Matte tea in her hand. He couldn’t be that late but when you are the director, it is what you do. He had her go down the seemingly endless to do list, as they walked inside, and one by one each was dealt with. The most pressing of them all was dealing with the actors, stroking their ego, and letting them know they looked good on screen. Then it hit him. Malcolm, sometimes found inspiration comes when you least expect it. He knew who he was going to take to the Beckham’s dinner party; her name, Summer. Malcolm got Nicole to make a note of finding her and getting him in contact with her. And before he could call the shoot a WRAP, Nicole had gotten her info to his iPhone. The rest was up to him.

Upon wrapping the days shoot and prepping for postproduction in the coming days with Nicole, Malcolm found a quiet spot to call Summer. A hint of nervousness plagued him as he looked at the contact number preparing to call thinking of what he might say. It had been sometime since they had originally meet and spoke, but not long enough that she’d forget him. So he dialed the number. Summer pleasantly answered the phone, remembering him off the bat. They quickly caught up speaking on things they had been doing in their recent past. Malcolm worked up to the invite not getting a clear picture on her relationship status being that when they had met she was seeing a producer from Sony studios. Then at a certain point Malcolm had to just dive into the reason he called to invite her to dinner at the Beckham’s home. He didn’t lead with saying dinner would be at the Beckhams, but it did help her in deciding to say yes, as she never undisclosed to Malcolm whether she was still making rounds with the producer. Malcolm took it at that, she had said yes and they were going. He continued to tell her that if he’d get any more vital information as it came he’d get it to her. Seemingly they both seemed to have enjoyed talking with the other as they got off the phone with smiles across their faces.

Upon reaching home still high off a solid day of work, scoring a dinner date, and seeing the wonderful sunset on his way home. Malcolm arrived home to see his red I S Lexus mashed up being unloaded by a tow truck. His eyes widened as he stopped halfway down the driveway and hopped out wondering what the hell had happened. The car had taken some major front-end damage, which deployed the air bags. As Malcolm came closer, Kimberly whom had been driving the car ran up to Malcolm in tears. The accident was proven not to be her fault, but she was shaken up and definitely worried by the words she was crying into Malcolm’s chest as they embraced.  He was just glad she was ok. The tow man gave back the keys and asked for his tow fee as Kimberly continued to cry. Malcolm paid with cash on hand realizing that his relationships with Kimberly and Okoye was something more than just roommates as he felt clear relief that Kim was ok. After things had calmed, Kimberly then made Malcolm proud as she revealed that she had gotten the role that could jumpstart her career.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017


He couldn't wait to let his neighbor know he was totally into partnering up with her on the food truck plan. He worried he had taken too long to decide and now she was having second thoughts about it herself. 
So that morning before he felt she'd be heading off to work he stopped by her apartment knocking on the door. Waiting at the door with the paperwork she had given him, he knocked again. Maybe he had missed her so for good measure he knocked again. Still no answer. 
He moved back to his apartment and looked over the paperwork she had given him and found the ad online. It was what she said it was. Satisfied with her due diligence he was committing himself to the deal.
He prepared for work and as he left he looked for her car, which was still not there. So at work throughout his shift in the back of his mind he came up with wild scenarios for her not being home. He made it through the day of work realizing he'd be soon leaving this place and setting out on living a dream. 
He rushed home hoping she'd be there. Pulling into his complex driveway his headlights passed over her parked car and immediately he made it to her door and knocked. The door opened. She was on the phone with someone so she motioned him to come in with a smile as she continued her conversation. 
He had never been in her apartment before and was impressed with it's layout and interior design. He sat on her white sofa with a faux white tiger skin draped accross the back. Taking in the scene he realized she was speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese. He knew this as he had taken up to 2nd semester in college and could still pick up a few of the words she was speaking. 
As she saw she would be longer on the phone than expected she handed him a typed proposal giving it to him with wide eyes. This was the game plan he had been waiting for already worked out and ready for his approval, he was excited.


During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring "the Martian" home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney's safe return. Written by 20th Century Fox  (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

THE MARTIAN to me I felt was a fabulous film. Upon viewing the trailer to this film I was intrigued, but at the same time I worried they’d muck it up by introducing aliens or some strange life force that would be horribly cgi and ruin my experience. Truth be told they stayed away from all of that and other corny ploys and told a story that we all can relate to, which is personal survival and the need and the want to go home. No typically a fan of Matt Damon, but he was good in this. I also felt a film like this needs to be duplicated in another version of a storyline as it broke down the tools of problem solving for the viewer in a way that I thought also stimulated the viewers mind, which I thought was something more films need to do. So for THE MARTIAN I give it 4 ½ stars.

Monday, August 7, 2017

MOD MAN #9 Harumi

He was a little hesitant to board the plane. It wasn’t like he had a premonition that the plane would crash or be hijacked. It had everything to do with the trip with Summer still in his head. He had a script about three quarters done and a meeting with three brokers expecting to see a finished product. He shuffled his feet through the terminal and up to security like a toddler who didn’t want to do something but knew there’d be consequences. The consequences, in this case, were undefined, but the numbers being thrown around at what these “newbies” would pay for a solid script from him was no joke.

He found a seat. His Able Abe black messenger bag held his essentials he was carrying onto the plane. He checked his messages on his phone, as he saw his flight was to be delayed. As an avid people watcher, he began watching the variety of people congregated at one time and at one place. It tripped his mind out a little. He imagined where each person was off too and to what business, be it vacation, business, or a secret rendezvous. He watched the families with kids, he watched and watched how they dealt with getting their kids, through the flood of people moving and going from all directions. He saw the business types in suits, BlackBerrys glued to their ears as they brokered high tech deals over the phone. Doing this visual impression kept his mind off the fact that for the past hour his flight status was still delayed.

In the back of his mind, the finishing touches to the script simmered, coming together slowly. Nonetheless, he’d have a finished script to deliver even if he had to lock myself in his hotel room once in New York for the first few days. Earlier that day, before coming to the airport, He had a wild night with Summer, but come morning it was very anti climactic as the sight of her leaving him his house key only played as that she had used him for the night like a traveler uses a hotel room. 

 He was deep into the people-watching mode. He saw a stewardess walking through the terminal, dragging one of those luggage compartments on wheels. She looked exhausted. She moved slowly, one foot in front of another, almost like she might collapse at any minute like a triathlon runner, meters from the finish line. Her finish line was a terminal area couch just out of his site line. He could only see her hands and her now crossed legs, as she was now seated with her rolling luggage next to her.  He could see her right hand reach for something out of his view. Once back in view he noticed she was holding a cell phone, and she began scrolling.

His flight went from delayed, to a slim chance it would be cancelled, to now boarding in a matter of hours. In that time he had finally brought out his laptop and began actively working on the script. Knowing someone wanted a piece of his creativity, made him feel good. It definitely made him want to do his best work. As he made my way to board the plane, each passenger was greeted by a gorgeous; model type stewardess that was so flawless it was as if she floated on air. He watched her throughout the flight to prove and even disprove his theory on that of her to no avail.

When he arrived at JFK the weather was a bit chilly, with a brisk wind. He gathered his bags and hailed a cab to his hotel. While checking in, he saw they had a lounge and thought a drink might sooth the jet lag. So he got to his room, showered, changed, and made his way back down to the lounge. He ordered a Grey Goose and soda. Surveying the place, which looked like a bunch of quiet out-of-towner’s and a band of regulars. The decor was a bit dated, and reminded him of a fashion photo he had seen selling make up or of just the tropical theme. He sat at the bar sipping his drink, strategizing in his head how he’d tackle the whole script finishing process, when a woman sat next to him at the bar. She came in unnoticed by him, as the bar patrons could be counted on two hands. The lounge was dimly lit and with all the colored lighting it was a bit difficult to see. She sat there rubbing the rim of her glass ever so gently. At a certain point she turned to him and looked him over. He acknowledged her presence showing her a quick smile.  His intention was just to take the edge off, maybe enter into some easy going conversation, but the conversation she was looking was going to come with a price, which killed the vibe so he finished his drink in silence. Accepting things as they came, he got up from the bar confidently walking back to my room.

The whole situation oddly reminded him of a woman he once knew who was supposedly now living in New York. They had talked on the phone long distance for a while, but it fizzled out after awhile as the distance had taken a toll. Yet he remembered her always talking about owning her own studio apartment with a walk in closet so deep she could get lost in it. He looked up her contact info and thought about calling, as he got to his room. The number was there, so he called up Harumi as he entered his hotel room, closing the door behind me hoping she’d pick up after having not spoken in so long... then the phone clicked over “Hello?”

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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Damn, finally completed this long time #wip figuring I didn't have a regular post this week so I'd share this. I will be back next week with the last few posts of my Born Sinner / Watch Me Draw season 3 series and hopefully the start to a new work In progress. Enjoy!

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The Girl on the Train is the story of Rachel Watson's life post-divorce. Every day, she takes the train in to work in New York, and every day the train passes by her old house. The house she lived in with her husband, who still lives there, with his new wife and child. As she attempts to not focus on her pain, she starts watching a couple who live a few houses down -- Megan and Scott Hipwell. She creates a wonderful dream life for them in her head, about how they are a perfect happy family. And then one day, as the train passes, she sees something shocking, filling her with rage. The next day, she wakes up with a horrible hangover, various wounds and bruises, and no memory of the night before. She has only a feeling: something bad happened. Then come the TV reports: Megan Hipwell is missing. Rachel becomes invested in the case and trying to find out what happened to Megan, where she is, and what exactly she herself was up to that same night Megan went missing. (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)
Just seeing the previews made me want to see this film. Yes it is another twisting and turning film based on a book, but it is very good, I probably should have given this film a second viewing as I felt it was that dense. I think the performance of Emily Blunt was superb yet for me the way the story was told made to most impact. So for GIRL ON THE TRAIN I give it 4 stars.