Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Executive Summary

My vision for this business from early on was a graphic centered clothing line that would appeal to a youthful yet focused audience.  I would deal in mainly t-shirts, accessories, and other sportswear items.  This idea has been with me since my days of High School just over about 10 years now.  Times, trends, and inspirations change, but over that time my strong desire to follow through on this dream has not.  I’ve started and stopped doing a few runs of graphic designs on t-shirts here and there when I found the money, but never found the success that I envisioned from the beginning.  Each and every time I found myself having to face the reality that my knowledge of proper business practices were lacking.  At that point along with my studies at the University of California Chico I made the time to build a knowledge of business, marketing and branding my product.  When I graduated with a B.A. in Communication Design I set out to bring a refinement to my vision of the Able Abe clothing line and designs.  I now can say confidently that I am ready to further my dream and bring to life the Able Abe clothing line I’ve seen in my minds eye for some time know.