Saturday, December 9, 2017


Troy Maxson makes his living as a sanitation worker in 1950s Pittsburgh. Maxson once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but was deemed too old when the major leagues began admitting black athletes. Bitter over his missed opportunity, Troy creates further tension in his family when he squashes his son's chance to meet a college football recruiter. Written by Jwelch5742 (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)
Upon seeing the trailer for FENCES it brought me to tears, no joke, and with that I knew I had to see it. I didn’t get the chance to see it in the theaters, but I did buy my parents a pair of tickets so they could. Since then hearing all the Oscar buzz around this film and hearing it was first a stage play by August Wilson were all further reasons to see it. Upon finally seeing I was pleased by the complexities of the characters and the lives they lead. This is indeed a film about its characters and how their dynamic shapes their lives. So if you are looking for great action sequences or expansive set designs FENCES is not that. Yet if you appreciate interesting and revealing dialogue and complex story with strong acting performances this is it. So FENCES I give it 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Back again with another Able Abe Studios Art Share. The title of this piece is "Won't hold back" if you have a better caption please leave them in the comment box below ...GO!!

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Monday, December 4, 2017


It was now 2 weeks since Malcolm had created and posted an add looking for a roommate. He didn’t know how it would work out, but almost immediately he was taking calls from perspective roommates. Some were young, some old, some male, some female, some looking for just a place to crash for a few months. No matter who it was Malcolm would find some reason as to deny each of them finding himself in the same place he started. 

With the day for his surgery coming he still would attend team practices, although he didn’t play he was still highly involved with the team’s day to day and he would be till the end of the season. Yet there was a growing disconnect with his team and the sport he so love. 

He scheduled a time to talk with his coach to voice these growing doubts, which his coach explained he had heard that from several players through the years when they had been injured and were out for a period of time. The coach directed him to keep his mind right telling him he may not be able to play just yet, but if he kept his mind in the game he’d become a much-advanced player once he could. He also gave him the card of a therapist that could further help him through the journey of being an injured player. Malcolm took the advice and scheduled an appointment with the therapist as soon as he could. 

Back on the roommate search Malcolm then met with an interested prospect named Heath that seemed like a good fit. He was about the same age as his brother, he was employed as an art gallery curator and had a deposit and the first months rent ready as soon as needed. Malcolm showed Heath the grounds of his property as they talked on numerous subjects like family schools attended, places they’d traveled, to their future aspirations. Malcolm found him rather interesting and someone he could see being a welcome guest in his home.

Along the way Malcolm wondered if any of the prospects knew who he was and or even followed baseball, yet in the end the question would always come up to what Malcolm did for a living giving him the opportunity to share. Of all the people he interviewed no ones reaction was more than his current prospect, which endeared him to Malcolm, but Heath was a Cubs fan, which was a rival to Malcolm’s L.A. team. Upon the end of the tour Malcolm felt good about Heath and was ready to pull the trigger and choose him as his roommate. The two shook hands and sealed the deal taking his firsts months rent. 

A day before Malcolm’s surgery found his L.A. team on a 5 game win streak with a very slim chance of still making the playoffs. It also was moving in day for Heath to which Malcolm gave him all the instructions needed to maintain till he would be back from the hospital stay. Heath seemed ready for the move as Malcolm was still going through all the ups and downs of dealing with his injury. 

That night his L.A. team continued their streak as he lay in a hospital bed set for surgery early the next morning. He wanted to be happy yet happy for him meant being on the field. Overnight Malcolm dreamed of living life with a roommate. Come the next morning Malcolm went into surgery only seeing the text from his family wishing him well just before going under. When he awoke he was still groggy from the anesthesia barely able to keep his eyes open. He was in that state for nearly an hour fluttering between consciousnesses and dreaming. At a certain point he remembered flirting with a nurse who came to check up on him claiming she was his long lost love to which she played along telling him she’d always be with him, but for now she had to go. 

Hours later Malcolm was back to his normal self, but extremely tired so he lay in bed till the doctor came and told him that the surgery had gone well and that come the next day if all things checked out he could head home. Malcolm thanked the doctor for taking care of him and then slowly drifted back to sleep. 

In his incoherent state he dreamed of some bizarre things that included his family, his career, the dread of having a roommate, to some pleasant things like Candace or his new love nurse Edie. The one night Malcolm spent in the hospital was a long one, used to his own comfy bed and calm atmosphere, but he made it through a night that tested everyone’s nerves. 

The next morning he got the ok to go home from his doctor. As he prepared himself to leave, nurse Edie approached Malcolm giving him her number expecting him to call. By the time Malcolm was finally released his arm in a sling his new roommate Heath was there unexpectedly to drive him home, as Malcolm was in no position to drive himself. Then as they left the hospital Malcolm began to realize he would now begin the journey of recovery.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Almost eleven years after the futile and disastrous expedition on the distant moon LV-223, the deep-space colonization vessel Covenant equipped with more than 2,000 colonists in cryogenic hibernation, sets a course for the remote planet Origae-6 with the intention to build a new world. Instead, a rogue transmission will entice the crew to a nearby habitable small planet, which resembles The Earth. The unsuspecting members of Covenant will have to cope with biological foes, beyond human comprehension. Ultimately, what was intended, as a peaceful exploratory mission will soon turn into a desperate rescue operation deep into the cold infinite space. Written by Nick Riganas (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database).

Having been a fan of the original ALIEN film I have been fascinated by a few other films that have told alternative storylines like ALIEN vs. PREDATOR, and PROMETHEUS. Each of these film have touched on how the Alien was created or its origins, but in each case rather than making things clear it made them even more confusing. So comes along ALIEN: COVENANT. My hopes for this film would have been that it would give more understanding of why and how the ALIEN exists so I was excited to watch. Upon viewing the film I found that answers were given, but not to the questions I had. That said I felt the film adequately told the story it had to share piecing parts from the PROMETHUES film in to give it a deeper story and also a plot twist. So for ALIEN: COVENANT I give it 3 ½ stars out of 5.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Back at you with another Able Abe Studios Art Share. This one is en entitled " It's Lit". If you have another caption please leave it in the comment box below. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 27, 2017

MOD MAN season 2 #8 LUNCH DATE

It was now a matter of weeks since Malcolm had taken Summer to the Beckham dinner party, to which Summer had talked to him the next day thanking him for taking her. Since that last call Malcolm wondered if it was a result from his moody demeanor at the end of the night or the realization that she was hold up with another man. He wanted it to be the first option, but when he thought about it neither really put him in a good light. 

He refused to call her, but he did want to see her. To the extent he’d end up in places where he knew she frequented. Till he just couldn’t take it anymore and he called to his disappointment he got voicemail, and although he didn’t want to leave a message he did. In the message he played coy telling her he had been thinking about her and was hoping they could get together again soon and then Malcolm hung up. 

At the same time he was deep into the shooting of his next projects so his mind was occupied with many other things, but come the quiet moments he felt for some companionship yet still wanting to be reassured he needed to know whom this other guy was and who he was to her. Malcolm knew he shouldn’t be so caught up with the likes of a woman like her, someone he had only been out with once, but the attraction was strong, something he couldn’t just shake. Working helped keep his mind off of her as he focused on the project with intensity.

Then it happened, just an ordinary day he was between shooting and wandered off set to make a call when he saw her having lunch with a man. He had no idea what the man from Sony looked like so he watched how they interacted. Arms around her waist, touching her shoulder, holding her hand, to Malcolm these all meant that they were intimate at least mildly familiar with each other. 

Malcolm then gave her a call to which she didn’t answer, and why would she Malcolm thought. She was out with another man, seeing himself spiral out of control he continued watching the restaurant not knowing what it would lead to. He then found himself walking to the restaurant coming up with a reason on the fly to just be there after he had called her to be hung up on. He walked in past the Host and right up onto their table. 

Summer recognized him before he could say anything and introduced Malcolm and Enzo, the man from Sony. Without disrupting the scene much more than that the two men shook hands and that was that. He seemed like a nice enough of a guy, Malcolm’s studio was not yet the likes of Sony so no need in making a scene, but it did reframe the issue he had with her feeling she just took advantage of a situation he gave her, being they weren’t exclusive or even in a relationship. 

Malcolm then made his way back after an awkward 5 minutes of small talk to cover his impulse of curiosity. Back on set Malcolm was back in his focused role closing out the day on a solid note. Afterward he headed to the studio to drown himself in more work so as to not have to think about the actions he had set in motion by his intense desire for this woman. 

He then got a call, it was Summer. She wanted to explain how awkward it was seeing him and that she needed to get some things clear. The situation she had been in was that she was seeing Enzo for sometime, but it wasn’t going where she’d like. Upon going out with Malcolm she saw how she wanted to be treated, adored, and respected hoping they could explore that some more with at least another date. 

Malcolm asked about the status with Enzo, to which she replied he ended it that day having taken up back with his ex. Malcolm gave it some thought. He liked that she was now talking about it, but not that he’d be the rebound guy, So he told her how he felt about her and he’d love to start up with her that very moment, but he now needed time, she needed time, how long who knew now that the air was cleared they could move on, but just not right away. 

Summer could understand she wouldn’t want to be the rebound either. So they made a pack to give it 30 days of searching and bettering themselves till the day they’d meet and take up like it was their first meeting and seeing if their chemistry was real. Upon getting off the phone with Summer Malcolm marked his calendar to count down the days till his second first date with Summer. 

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Monday, November 20, 2017


While Malcolm was still at student at University of Texas and the baseball season had been over for sometime and the holidays were approaching. Malcolm had decided come the Thanksgiving break he’d forego the trip back to California and wait till the Winter break. The decision didn’t sit well with his family having not seen him for sometime, the news that he’d be home for Christmas seemingly made things alright being Christmas was his mother’s favorite holiday. 

Upon making that choice Malcolm wondered who he’d spend Thanksgiving with wondering if he’d try his hand at cooking trying to re create a dinner on his own, maybe venture out to a restaurant, or join in on someone else’s Thanksgiving day? The question loomed large as he realized he might have made a mistake not going home. He could count all the Thanksgiving days he didn’t share with his family on one hand so when the topic came up with Candace as they were talking in the dark room approaching the break she didn’t give it a second thought to inviting him to her family’s get together. Malcolm was gracious in his gratitude for her inviting him and immediately began questioning her on how her family celebrated Thanksgiving Day. 

Candace told him the story of last years get together, which called for the family that was still local to meet at her parents house. This meant both sides of grandparents, as they were still vibrant in there old age, it also involved her mother’s best friend and her husband, Candace’s younger brother, and her Dad’s single business partner. The house would be filled with the same culprits this year with the addition of Malcolm. 

Candace went on that it was really easygoing day of feasting on delectable food, football, and the oddball stories her dad would tell to get a laugh. At one point Malcolm had a question what her family would think of him coming to thanksgiving feeling that it could be misread by her family members and guests to which Candace told him “We’ll just have to make sure we don’t get caught.” she said with a wink and a smack on his backside. Malcolm had to smile as things with Candace were still a bit unclear to what they meant to each other at that time, yet what was clear they enjoyed each others company. 

So as the two were leaving campus for the break Malcolm asked if he should be mindful of anything come Thanksgiving day’s dinner, to which she only told him to dress nice, but not too nice and maybe bring a bottle of wine for her mother. The heads up was good to know for Malcolm, which in the days in-between researched wines and purchased one that had high ratings all across the board a Diamond Heart pinot noir and put together an outfit that would make his mother proud. 

Before leaving his house the day of Thanksgiving Malcolm called his family back in California wishing them well, then he turned his attention to the day ahead of him. He knew there was really nothing at stake as he and Candace were merely friends, but meeting the parents was always nerve racking, yet meeting the entire family was definitely putting Malcolm on edge. 

Candace stopped by to pick up Malcolm and the two drove out to her parents house. Along the way she share little antidotes about each family member so by the time they reached the house Malcolm was feeling as if he had a sense of everyone in their own special way.

Upon entering the home the smell of scrumptious Thanksgiving food being prepared filled the air. One by one Candace greeted and introduced Malcolm to her family. The welcome was heartwarming, as Malcolm felt welcomed like he was part of the family. Candace had Malcolm give her mother the bottle of wine he had researched before taking Malcolm out and showing the bit of property her family owned finding that moment alone to be their usual selves. Candace even showed Malcolm her room still pretty much like she left it before moving out after high school. The walls of her room were covered in boy band posters, stuffed animals everywhere and school photos from throughout the years. 

Malcolm then joined up with the men in the den watching football and sipping bourbon and soda. Candace’s dad sidled up next to Malcolm hearing he was the starting centerfielder for the Texas Longhorns baseball team he shared the memories he had playing ball as a crafty second baseman. 

When it came dinner Malcolm was set next to Candace as her father gave grace and everyone began to dine. Numerous topics of a mild manner were discussed at the table as one question was offered to Malcolm to how his family held Thanksgiving? Malcolm then shared how at the table while eating everyone would one by one share what they were thankful for that year. Candace’s father liked that idea and started the trend in their family giving everyone the chance to share. 

At the end of the night after a whirlwind of deserts and family banter Candace opted to take a drive with Malcolm taking him to her favorite spot to just watch the stars. They then looked at the stars and talked the night away before heading back to Malcolm’s and getting cozy grateful to share together in a Happy Thanksgiving year.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017


After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.  (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

Having been wowed by the first John Wick, I was naturally compelled to see the next chapter as well. I would say the novelty of this story of this relentless fashionable hit man the second time around wasn’t as strong, but this is where story is important. In the second chapter we get a bit more of the layers pulled back to the life and lifestyle of John Wick. This is where when I am expecting action and I get a story it draws me into the who this character is. I have also found that John Wick is a graphic novel series, but I am not too familiar with that, but I’d have to say I am looking forward to a chapter 3. So for John Wick 2 I give it 4 out of 5.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Welcome to another Able Abe Studios Art Share. I am calling this one "Poolside chat". If you have a better caption please leave it in the comments   ...GO!!!

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Monday, November 13, 2017


The following morning after the company fiesta, Malcolm and his team, were graciously served a traditional Peruvian breakfasts of Tamales and Pan con chicharron in the spacious guesthouse where they were all held up. The house was built to look like a relic from a distant era, but had all the amenities like running water, central air, and even wifi. 

By the time Malcolm’s team had finished breakfast and a moment to relax Mr. Arguello and his daughter Marta came to greet the team and head off on the tour of the grounds and see how tequila was made the Toro Perfecta way. They all headed up in to a caravan of vehicles to begin at the point where the process starts. They arrived to a vast field and as far as you could see was rows and rows of blue Weber agave plants. Originally these plants were native to only Mexico, but in time ventured southward through others trying to develop their own methods for making tequila. These spiky and spinney leaves of the plant when ready, which takes about 7 to 8 years to mature, are cut away by hand by workers called hermadors to get to the center or the plant which is called the pina. 

The best pinas are then cut into quarters where they are then steamed in brick ovens for 72 hours so that the starch of the pina can be turned to sugars. The then steamed pinas now a reddish brown are shredded and then ground by a massive stone wheel to crush out the agave nectar, which takes about two hour. 

Yeast is now added to the juicy mash to start the fermentation process, which turns the sugars to alcohol. This form of alcohol is then transferred to small copper still and the distillation process begins taking the potent liquid and distilling it twice over to create a tequila that is about 55% proof. The pulp is then strained and they then add purified water, which brings the proof level down to 40%, which is easily more drinkable and ready to be bottled. 

Here bottles ready to be filled are turned upside down and sprayed with the high potency tequila for sterilization purposes then turned right side up and filled to perfection with drinkable tequila. The bottles are then corked and labeled. Come to the end of the line in the tequila making process Mr. Arguello proud of his product held it up like a treasured artifact or piece of jewelry. 

Yet for the true tequila connoisseur, that Mr. Arguello was, the treasure could be found in the warehouse where they aged there tequila in white oak barrels from as short as 6 month to numbers of years on end. This blend of tequila Mr. Arg├╝elles explained was overseen by one man his Master distiller Enrique Vega. Mr. Vega then showed Malcolm and his team the difference aged tequila takes on and it is in the color, taste and bouquet, which is the thing he tests for from each of the barrels stored in that warehouse. 

As the tour finally came to a close the group shared their favorite moments and insights that may have sparked some ideas. After a long day of touring Malcolm and his team with a guide from Toro Perfecta ventured into the nearest city to continue their observation of the culture as well as team building with a bit more tequila. Mr. Arguello and his daughter Marta headed back to the homestead as something’s had come up that needed their attention, but would be in touch with them the following day. Malcolm still obsessed by Marta demeanor and engagement would have enjoyed seeing her ride with them into the city, but soon found out he’d be more than occupied with what the likes of Peru could offer.      

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Saturday, November 11, 2017


When three girls are kidnapped by a man with 23 different personalities, they have to work out which of those personalities will help them escape and which of those personalities will try to stop them. Written by jjmcmanusnbalshiite (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

I knew when I first saw the trailer to SPLIT and saw that it was written and directed by M. Knight Shyamalan I knew I was going to have to see it regardless. I know in the past M. Knight’s films have been critiqued heavily, but I have always viewed him as a true auteur in the same sense as a Hitchcock or Bergman. So upon finally viewing SPLIT I was very ready. I thought SPLIT was extremely well made. I felt the trailer in a sense gave away a few of the interesting twists in the film, but outside of that definitely an intense thriller. Many of the conventions in kidnap/survival films like these were done away with, which was refreshing to see a new take. I also felt the performance by James McAvoy was spot on, which was another draw having seen him in FILTH. So for SPLIT I give it 4.5 stars.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Back with another Able Abe Studios Art Share this one I am calling "On sight" and like always if you have a caption that may fit better drop it in the comments ...GO!!!

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