Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturday night I spent it sending my good friends Rich & Malina off, who are moving to Hawaii. As the gathered guests mingled we shared stories about how we met the two. I recalled how I met them and how they helped out with my first two shows. In many cases, the story would go they met at work, they went to school together, or I met them through a friend. Every time though I heard a lot of people saying things that paid the couple a great respect and honor. As I took it all in and met some new people I was glad to have met them both and if any of the people I talked with that night can come through and do half of the things I did with Rich & Malina the rest of 2009 is gonna just get better.  I'll miss you Rich & Malina, you've been a great addition to my life knowing you both I'll miss ya enjoy Hawaii.