Monday, March 15, 2010

FILM PROJECT: Learning the ropes of a filmmaker

So the projected day of TAKE MY HAND film release came and went w/ no film to show. "Worst nightmare" right. More than that as someone who has never showed up with a unfinished project it hurt. And yes there were extenuating circumstances, but come on. It was out of my control so I gotta go with the flow. I realize the trust and belief I put in others may be a fault I have much like being "too nice, but I really just want people to prove to me they are legit and not just a good mouth piece.
As I take my licks going through the process of making a film I realize everyone down the line has to buy into the vision and if you're aboard because it sounds fun or its an experience you've never had well be prepared for a wake up call that will make you think twice. You gotta be passionate about it. Be willing to have to stay up till 3am or have to get up at 3am to really be down for the project. And for those who do it independently damn, be prepared for more of a commitment and beating down.
I realized in this process that as much as I love the creative process there has to be a structured side that makes plans, executes the plans in an orderly fashion and makes sure everyone is in good spirits and the whole process is conductive of getting things done on time... they call this a producer. Here I found a position that will always test me, but I'll be damned if I let another production come in late and miss its premiere date.

And for those ABLE ABE fans looking for new designs and gear we'll be right back you in May 2010 with new artwork, clothing and a few other specialty items that'll blow your mind.


Friday, March 5, 2010


As another week comes to a close with the weekend on the horizon I realized a few things this week that I'd like to share. As the count down to my next show comes closer this week I realized fear and anxiety are physical they take a real toll on your body by making you uneasy and unable to focus. The day I was feeling a fearful anxiety I had no real issues to be dealing with, but looking back it just wasn't my day my communication with others was off, people I was to be meeting were late, while some weren't going to make it. And putting myself in a leadership role where everyone turns to you for what to do next or when things go wrong they question you process, that in itself will make you feel uneasy at times. And as it turned out my day could have been more successful if my attention was placed squarely somewhere else. Yet how could I have know that, how could I havefor seen the series of events? Looking back I don't think I really had a chance, I mean the day itself wasn't all bad I got to know someone I've been trying to work with for sometime now and she is aboard for the next project and can't wait to see how this one comes out. I've surely bonded with another and even put in a little photo work. Andthat's looking at the positives, which leads me to the next issue "FAITH". Struggling through that day made me realize that we all peruse certain paths because on some level we believe that is how life is supposed to be none of us know how life will really turn out we have "FAITH" our actions will lead us to the good in life, but there really is no guarantee. Some go after high paying jobs, some go for what makes the heart feel good, while others start and raise families and none of these are more right than the other, but we each and everyone of us have faith, and be it as small as a mustard seed, as it says in the bible "faith the size of a mustard seed" and if we believe those good things will come to pass. So my point here is as much as we sometimes look at our lives and think maybe we're not making enough progress or enough money, meeting enough people, whatever you feel you not making enough of if you have the faith and the desire to achieve it through the ups and downs bad days and good at the end of the day you went through what you had to to strengthen your faith and focus for the next day.