Thursday, September 30, 2010


I recently got the opportunity via watch instantly option to see The September Issue. This documentary film by R.J. Cutler gives you a behind the scenes look at Vogue magazine as they prepare for their September issue, which is always their biggest of the year.

To know Vogue as a fashion magazine is indeed one thing, but in the fashion world Vogue, as I watched and learned is so much more. And the main reason Vogue is so big is Anna Wintour Vogue Magazine's Editor-in-Chief. Yet to leave it at that seems not enough as she is the "word"on what is fashion, what isn't, and what will be. Through the film she was seen as a very decisive and at times combative, but always after the goal of creating the best Vogue magazine to date. Many times she was seen butting heads with Vogue magazine's Creative Director Gracie Coddington.

I was totally and fully engrossed with the film, but if I had to say who in a sense was my favorite character it would be Gracie. Her story about how she ended up at Vogue magazine took you through another time where she herself modeled with the likes of Angelica Huston and photographers like Helmut Newton. Eventually leaving modeling she worked as a stylist and then up to Creative Director as both Gracie and Anna Wintour started at Vogue at the same time.

Another aspect of the film that held my interest is how much work is involved in putting together such a prestigious magazine. Most important is the cover shoot, but before that there is designer wardrobe selections, model selections, theme of photo shoots, headline stories and decisions on how everything will flow. And if Anna doesn't like it it's out, or at least till every element is brought together.

Overall I really enjoyed this film and without a great deal of high fashion background or training this film made it accessible for me to understand what was going on and its importance. Creatively I think those in fashion and design fashions are a breed of their own. Some are born with it others learn, but those who make fun of it I don't really think they understand this world. Yet I think if they were to view this film I think they may possibly come away with a better appreciation for fashion itself. I give this film 4 Stars.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I scour the web looking for that NEW NEW I came across this catchy lil collaborative project that got me saying BARBRA STREISAND... (courtesy of

Duck Sauce – the disco house collaborative project between DJs Armand Van Helden and A-Trak – finally presents the official video for their already classic tune “Barbra Streisand”. The So Me-directed clip boasts an impressive line up of cameo appearances which are too numerous to name CHECK IT OUT!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


DENIM PROJECT: THE HANDOFF from Marc Andrew Fitzgerald on Vimeo.


Nothing says summer like cut off shorts and denim skirts. No matter how you wear them, be it with high heels or flip flops, dressed up or dressed for comfort, every girl during the summer months needs her “go-to pair” to beat the heat and still look fashionable.

Able Abe Clothing is the progressive brand that has heard you ladies and is introducing the DENIM PROJECT: a limited edition, hand crafted, one of a kind collaboration with name brand denim. These pieces are put through an additional list of processes to create a unique vintage and worn in to perfection look that will get you noticed, making you the trendsetter you already are.

Being that these sets are sold on a limited edition basis with limited sizes and washes each set will be numbered to show the quantity in each set as well as its position. There are three batches scheduled to go off, so it is imperative that you get your pair now before the word gets out on this exclusive series.

The DENIM PROJECT can be found at 112 located next to Naked Lounge, eleMENts by Beaute salon across from In Motion Fitness, and at the Able Abe Clothing pop-up store. These unique pop-up store locations, dates, and times will be posted very soon on our blogspot.

And no DENIM PROJECT skirt or cut-off short pair would be complete without an Able Abe summer T or the more fashionable yet edgy off the shoulder style tops, also available at listed locations and pop up stores. With many styles and colors to choose from you definitely will find a top that fits you, your personality, and your limited edition DENIM PROJECT selection.











Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So now with Labor Day behind us we begrudgingly say our goodbyes to summer and usher in Fall. As we look ahead to what the rest of 2010 has to offer we are planning to drop some really great limited edition pieces before the years over, but all in due time... right? In the time though, since our last post we've kept our eyes and ears open to bring you some dope happenings in the world we all live in CHECK IT OUT!!!


Here’s a first new song after formally announcing his plans on releasing a five-track album with Jay-Z titled, Watch The Throne.. The star-studded “Monster” is not only the 1st release under Kanye’s new “G.O.O.D Music Fridays,” in which he promised to release a song every Friday until Christmas, it is also the second track off his project with Jay. Check it out below.


Mr. West follows up with the second single under his new G.O.O.D. Music Fridays campaign titled “Devil In A New Dress.” With much anticipation, the Bink-produced record finally released in the later hours of the night. If you didn’t get the chance to check out the first G.O.O.D. Music Friday single, you can also check that out here.Enjoy!

A huge fan of the AVANT GARDE you gotta check out AMBUSH DESIGN peep the video below as VERBAL and YOON break it down for you, how they met, how they started designing, their inspirations, all that. CHECK IT OUT!!!

VERBAL & YOON: Where It All Happens from on Vimeo.

I've been following this clothing line MISHKA for sometime now, very cool, and even copped a mixtape or two as they diversify their products to incorporate their interests. And as they dropped their 2010 Fall lookbook I had to take a look, and I am glad I did. The brand took to doing a video spot to promote itself in a super sexy fashion... CHECK IT OUT!!! Pretty Damn Sexy... Right?, but I don't know if it sells the clothes what do you think?

A few posts back I brought you a commercial written and directed by the legendary Frank Miller working on the spot for GUCCI'S new fragrance GUILTY. Now I've found one of my favorite directors Guy Ritchie at it with Jude Law on this steamingly seductive short film for DIOR... anyone see a trend here?

And lastly, on a real film tip a film by Casey Affleck, the younger brother of Ben, brings you this documentry/narrative of the bizarre goings on of the academy award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. If you were not familiar Joaquin left his acting career to pick up his greater love rap music and begin making albums, doing shows and touring. Wheather or not this all was legit or a whole stunt still remains to be revieled, but this film I'M STILL HERE drops 9/10/10

And there you have it. We'll be dropping the second installment of the DENIM PROJECT: very soon so to stay CURRENT Click the Follow button to the right----------> LETS GET IT!!!