Thursday, February 26, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH. Today's PSF is a #TBT featuring the sensational beauty of model Melanie King with hair and makeup done by the fabulous Marie Fuentes (follow the link for more from Marie) Couture-Hair-Makeup-by-Marie. This was a shoot held at Big Al's with a diner roller girl theme. Producers on this shoot Kaitlynn Hess and Tricia Hutchinson.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Going into the interview knowing the man had been interviewed numerous times before. I wanted to set my interview apart from the others. The man is Lloyd Liebes, a world-renowned fashion photographer. He greeted us at the door of his home. He is an older man, grey hair with a charismatic charm about him. Starting the interview I wanted to get the story on how he started with photography in the first place. A logical place to start, but very telling in Lloyd’s case. 

Lloyd left home to the hustle and bustle of New York City without much of a way to provide for himself once there he found an opportunity with Saks 5th ave. Here he was able to work, get meals in the cafeteria, housing, and ultimately unlimited access to the in-house studio where he taught himself the craft of photography. From that point Lloyd, as a photographer-landing job after job built career momentum that took hold of him immediately. His fashion photography soon became his calling card getting work at numerous magazines, Vogue being one of them. Being so sought after he was able to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Europe, Italy, and a whole list of other places.

With the strength of his photography skills Lloyd saw the difference in pro models and amateurs in that a pro model knows the steps to pose for the camera and the amateur needs to be taught. These observations eventually lead Lloyd to open a modeling school. Here he used the teachers as subjects to teach students modeling skills. Many of the skills taught revolved around self-confidence and self-awareness. Lloyd went on to explain that his love of fashion photography grew out of his love of people. This love lead to the ability to read people and take a shy and reserved model and make her comfortable and relate and learn her communication style. He did this by observing body language and speech pattern, which helped him connect and bring the best out of each model.

I went on to ask Lloyd what it takes to be a great photographer and of course a wealth of info sprung forth from him, and these were the points that stood out most. Lloyd says, you must know your subject and know your camera. In a sense this tip leads back to interaction with people is essential, but at the same time knowing your camera and its limitations is a must to capturing the perfect shot. Lloyd went on to say that at a certain point in his career he trained himself to only need to take the one perfect shot per subject out of a 24 to 12 frame roll of film. This feat could have only come about with the imagination of Lloyd. His favorite quote is from Albert Einstein, which says Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is this same imagination that is key to getting that perfect shot. Seeing it in your head and capturing it by pressing the trigger when you see it through the viewfinder. 

As the interview continued Lloyd went on to tell me how imagination went on to become innovation, as he helped Macy’s create better imagery for their print ads and catalogs. He told me that in this particular instance meeting with the Macy’s creative staff they would give him distinct directions on how to shoot the models using stick figure drawings. These poses were used to highlight what they were wearing and bring out the accessories. Lloyd found these diagrams to be very stiff and didn’t capture the underling magnificence that could be captured. Lloyd then directed the models to move their bodies walk, run, and jump creating a sense of movement in the final images. These images 

turned out to be very intriguing and imaginative. Macy’s was upset at first as they saw that he directly went against what they wanted. Yet when they say that customers gravitated to the innovative take Lloyd brought Macy’s praised him and gave him permission on future shoots to do as he saw fit.

Lloyd Liebes is now retired from commercial photography, but not from photography in all as his main focus now are exotic flowers. In all my time with Lloyd was incredible for it’s life lessons and his insight into people and photography. As we wrapped the interview I still felt there was more I could ask and gather from such a well-lived man that I thought this piece wouldn’t be able to tell. Yet like Lloyd’s life it’s about taking what you have and imagining what more it can be and making it reality.  To find more of Lloyd Liebes work make sure to stop by his page here  or Lloyd Liebes Facebook.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH. Today's PSF is #TBT feature a shoot we did with two unique models REYNA X WALKER. The assist on this shoot was our Producer Kaitlynn Hess. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I’d have to say since the Grammy’s I have been hearing a lot of talk and getting may unsolicited opinions about Kanye West. In most cases, I’m not the one to take sides, or even defend someone I don’t know. Yet I felt I had to say something, as a BIG FAN of Kanye, both the good and the bad. 

I do believe he is a modern day genius of sorts. He will go down in history as one of those people who would not take no for an answer. His passion for what he does is so strong that the general population living lives of quiet desperation sees him as that crab trying to make his way out of the barrel. Rather than hearing out his effort to enlighten us, they call him arrogant; they call him a douche bag, an annoying prick. 

I get it he is a polarizing figure and yes, maybe his moves are made to a calculated rhythm and scheme that makes him that much more a topic to talk about. And whether he is questioning someone’s artistry, writing and recording an album, touring, designing a fashion line, being a father married to another high profile celebrity, I believe the man is someone we can marvel at. 

You can see the passion with which he lives life and the passion to create. He is a human being just like the rest of, yet he has not let the fear of any backlash from the unfulfilled masses stop him from doing him. 

I would love to have just a fraction of his passion. So thank you Kanye thank you. What follows are a few videos of Kanye being Kanye. Love him or hate him he is here to stay. And remember folks this is the guy who wrote Jesus Walks if you forgot.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


During the ride over to my first creative industry interview I was mentally going over the questions I needed to ask. We arrived at the address to a well-manicured front yard with willow trees, a gravel driveway, and Avalon Photography signage that lead us right to the studio. The landscaping layout of the backyard was impeccable, perfect for outdoor shoots year round. The actual studio itself was very inviting and fit with the style of photography Avalon is known for. 

I met Steve, who was at his desk filling out some paperwork. A youthful middle-aged man, with dark hair, light eyes, and a warm smile. He showed me the two sides of the studio and lighting set up, as he had shot some vintage motorcycles earlier that day. Samples of Avalon Photography work graced the walls and shelves of the studio. After a brief moment to set up we began the interview. Steve claims that he never got into photography because it was his passion; it was more a means to an end. Passion is good, but the ability to do what you do and do it well is more important to him. He had worked many different types of jobs and even did his time in the Navy where he worked in the hospital taking photos of internal organs. Learning the craft of darkroom photography through the years was just a part of what his worked called of him. When in 1996 a friend and photographer was going to sell his photography business Steve decided right then he buy the business and continue it on from there. 

As a photographer one of the eternal struggles seems to be dealing with people, as these are his main subjects. From flakes, to bad attitudes, and constant reschedules these are the downside to customer interaction. While the positives are major thank you and profuse recommendations he receives from those who see the final product and love it. You can find Avalon Photography on FaceBook, Pinterest, there is a studio blog and on Yelp. Steve claims he’d like to extend his reach using social media, but as a guy who started out mainly advertising in newspapers and yellow pages he sees the times have changed and needs to catch up a little. 

As the interview came to a close Steve shared with me a quote that summed up his view of success, saying that if you can argue for your limitations means you probably can’t. Furthermore, he goes on to say that true success is living what you do and that sometimes the best sometimes comes out of less and not more. You can find Avalon Photography at (530) 891-3442 or click the link  Their expertise is family, wedding, and Senior Portraits. If this is what you are looking for I greatly suggest you give Steve a call, he is one of the good guys.

Since this interview I was invited by Steve himself to witness him in action as he shot the school and yearbook photos for Montessori School located here in Chico, Ca. It takes an extremely personable kind of person to deal with an entire school of students and anxious parents and Steve handled it like a pro. It was a treat to see him interact everyone and see how he dealt with the shy students who wouldn’t smile to the kids who wanted to wear sunglasses. As a parent, Steve has the experience of dealing with his own kids so it wasn’t much of a stretch for him to get into a kid friendly mode to capture those memorable moments.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Welcome in to another PHOTO SHOOT FRESH post. Today’s post happens to be #TBT from our 2012 calendar shoot. The model is the amazing Casey King, Hope you are doing well Casey where ever you are these days. Hair and Makeup was the work of the Fabulous Marie Fuentes and you can find more from her at her page here  Couture-Hair-Makeup-by-Marie And the assist was by our producer Kaitlynn Hess   Enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


As we are now in to the second month of the 2015-year I can only think two things. One is how long the year is, and the other is how short the year is. In 2015 I have dedicated myself to making this year the most impactfull and exciting year of my life just yet.

This has come about by looking at my performance from 2014 and taking a real hard look at the things and areas I could improve in. If life has showed me anything yet it is that if I complete my mission I will see this being the year I hope it to be. I must be persistent and consistent. I want to be seen as being on the verge of annoying in my pursuit of gaining results. I want to stop taking “NO” for an answer. Not that I want to become the overbearing sales guy, but there are times when you can create win win situations for both parties involved that are the truly the best option.

After more than a year of diligently and persistently looking for work in my local community and never getting hired I have decided to choose me and make my dreams a priority. I know in the end I will overcome, especially as I have come this far. Realizing that the race of life and in business it is a marathon and not a sprint, no matter how you view the yearlong. Remember the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare people and never stop no matter how slowly you think your progress is coming   ...GO!!!

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