Tuesday, February 3, 2015


As we are now in to the second month of the 2015-year I can only think two things. One is how long the year is, and the other is how short the year is. In 2015 I have dedicated myself to making this year the most impactfull and exciting year of my life just yet.

This has come about by looking at my performance from 2014 and taking a real hard look at the things and areas I could improve in. If life has showed me anything yet it is that if I complete my mission I will see this being the year I hope it to be. I must be persistent and consistent. I want to be seen as being on the verge of annoying in my pursuit of gaining results. I want to stop taking “NO” for an answer. Not that I want to become the overbearing sales guy, but there are times when you can create win win situations for both parties involved that are the truly the best option.

After more than a year of diligently and persistently looking for work in my local community and never getting hired I have decided to choose me and make my dreams a priority. I know in the end I will overcome, especially as I have come this far. Realizing that the race of life and in business it is a marathon and not a sprint, no matter how you view the yearlong. Remember the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare people and never stop no matter how slowly you think your progress is coming   ...GO!!!

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