Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I’d have to say since the Grammy’s I have been hearing a lot of talk and getting may unsolicited opinions about Kanye West. In most cases, I’m not the one to take sides, or even defend someone I don’t know. Yet I felt I had to say something, as a BIG FAN of Kanye, both the good and the bad. 

I do believe he is a modern day genius of sorts. He will go down in history as one of those people who would not take no for an answer. His passion for what he does is so strong that the general population living lives of quiet desperation sees him as that crab trying to make his way out of the barrel. Rather than hearing out his effort to enlighten us, they call him arrogant; they call him a douche bag, an annoying prick. 

I get it he is a polarizing figure and yes, maybe his moves are made to a calculated rhythm and scheme that makes him that much more a topic to talk about. And whether he is questioning someone’s artistry, writing and recording an album, touring, designing a fashion line, being a father married to another high profile celebrity, I believe the man is someone we can marvel at. 

You can see the passion with which he lives life and the passion to create. He is a human being just like the rest of, yet he has not let the fear of any backlash from the unfulfilled masses stop him from doing him. 

I would love to have just a fraction of his passion. So thank you Kanye thank you. What follows are a few videos of Kanye being Kanye. Love him or hate him he is here to stay. And remember folks this is the guy who wrote Jesus Walks if you forgot.

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