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So we are back with another VISION CASTING post.  Enjoy!

I was a little hesitant to board the plane. It wasn’t like I had a premonition that the plane would crash or be hijacked. It had everything to do with the trip. I had a script about three quarters done and a meeting with three brokers expecting to see a finished product. I shuffled my feet through the terminal and up to security like a toddler who didn’t want to do something but knew there’d be consequences. The consequences, in this case, were undefined, but the numbers being thrown around at what these “newbies” would pay for a solid script from me was no joke.

I found a seat. My Able Abe black leopard print messenger bag held my essentials I was carrying onto the plane. I checked my messages on my phone, as I saw my flight was to be delayed. As an avid people watcher, I began watching the variety of people congregated at one time and one place. It tripped my mind out a little. I imagined where each person was off too and to what business, be it vacation, business, or a secret rendezvous. I watched the families with kids, I watched and watch how they dealt with getting their kids, through the flood of people moving and going from all directions. I saw the business types in suits, BlackBerrys glued to their ear as they brokered high tech deals over the phone. Doing this visual impression kept my mind off the fact that for the past hour my flight status was still delayed.

 In the back of my mind, the finishing touches to the script simmered, coming together slowly. Nonetheless, I’d have a finished script to deliver even if I had to lock myself in my hotel room once in New York for the first few days. Earlier that day, before coming to the airport, I had a photo shoot with two young college age girls looking to break into the modeling scene. The image of them looking at their images on my camera laying on the studio couch and perfect pert asses made for cut off jean shorts or spandex boy shorts flashed across my mind, as it was the last thing I saw before leaving the studio. 

 I was deep into the people-watching mode. I saw a stewardess walking through the terminal, dragging one of those luggage compartments on wheels. She looked exhausted. She moved slowly, one foot in front of another, almost like she might collapse at any minute like a triathlon runner, meters from the finish line. Her finish line was a terminal area couch just out of my site line. I could only see her hands and her now crossed legs, as she was now seated with her rolling luggage next to her.  I could see her right hand reach for something out of my view. Once back in view I noticed she holding a cell phone, as she began scrolling.

My flight went from delayed, to a slim chance it would be cancelled, to now boarding in a matter of hours. In that time I had finally brought out my laptop and began actively working on the script. Knowing someone wanted a piece of my creativity, made me feel good. It definitely made me want to do my best work. As I made my way to board the plane, each passenger was greeted by this gorgeous, model type stewardess that was so flawless it was as if she floated on air. I watched throughout the flight to prove and even disprove my theory of her to no avail.

When we arrived at JFK the weather was a bit chilly, with a brisk wind. I gathered my bags and hailed a cab to my hotel. While checking in, I saw they had a lounge and thought a drink might sooth the jet lag. So I got to my room, showered, changed, and made my way back down to the lounge. I ordered a Grey Goose and ice with a twist. Surveying the place, which looked like a bunch of quiet out-of-towner’s and a band of regulars. The decor was a bit dated, and reminded me of a fashion photo I had seen selling make up or of just the tropical theme. I sat at the bar sipping my drink, strategizing in my head how I’d tackle the whole script finishing process, when a woman sat next to me at the bar. She must have come in unnoticed by me, as the bar patrons could be counted on two hands. The lounge was dimly lit and with all the colored lighting it was a bit difficult to see what you saw. She sat there rubbing the rim of her glass ever so gently. At a certain point she turned to me and looked me over. I acknowledged her presence, looking over and showing her a quick smile. She wasn’t ugly, but she was definitely not gorgeous. My intention was just to take the edge off, maybe enter into some easy going conversation, but the conversation she was looking for wasn’t going to be from me.  I finished my drink in silence. Accepting things as they came, I got up from the bar confidently walking back to my room.

The whole situation reminded me of this girl I once knew who was supposedly now living in New York. We talked on the phone long distance for a while, but it fizzled out after awhile. It was the distance that resolved. Yet I remember her always talking about owning her own studio apartment with a walk in closet so deep she could get lost in it. I looked up her contact info and thought about calling, as I got to my room. The number was there, but I felt I had other business to attend to so I called up Nausami as I entered my hotel room, closing the door behind me.

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I had a great weekend spending my birthday with some really great people, thank you all of you for coming out and celebrating with me. And now with the start of the week lets get pumped up with E.T. for another THANK GOD IT'S MONDAY.  Enjoy!


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A great weekend ahead, and it was a great week for videos. Did this video make your list?   Enjoy!


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Here is a great collab we are working on with RED ROOM TATTOO.



RED ROOM TATTOO is looking for 12 beautiful models to grace the pages of their 12-month calendar for 2013. This is open to all female models age 18+ with an i.d. The theme for this calendar is TATTOOS AND BIKINIS. So get ready to rock your bikini and show your body of tattoos. Don’t miss out.

As this is a cover model contest all models that enter will have a chance to be a RED ROOM TATTOO calendar girl with the best model and photo becoming the RED ROOM TATTOO Cover Model for 2013. To sign up and enter this contest be sure to stop by RED ROOM TATTOO (231 Nord Avenue, Chico, CA 95928 ) OCT. 3RD from 5pm – 9pm the entry fee is $20.00, which goes to the production of the calendar. A Late Registration will be held OCT 6TH at RED ROOM TATTOO from 4pm -6pm and at that time the entry fee will be $35.00.

The entire shoot will be OCT. 6TH 8PM at the RED ROOM TATTOO. All entered models will be expected to bring at least 2 separate bikinis/swimsuits, provide their own hair styling/makeup, accessories i.e. jewelry, heels, sunglasses, etc. The wining cover model will receive a copy of the RED ROOM TATTOO 2013 Calendar, an ABLE ABE Clothing starter kit, gift certificate for work to be done by the RED ROOM TATTOO staff, scheduled photo shoots with 3 fantastic photographers, and a cash prize to be announced the day of the shoot.

So ladies come on down to RED ROOM TATTOO OCT 3RD 5PM -9PM to enter and sign up for the shoot and be ready to strike a pose OCT. 6TH starting at 8pm and show us what you got because this should be an extremely fun event.

For more information on this event please call Marc @ 530.591.3857 hope to see you there.   


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Well I hope your here for another VISION CASTING post, but this week I have a little something for you. For those who have been following these post pretty well thank you so much. And so you know we are not against comments. Anyway, for the NEW FOLKS to understand these posts seven pictures are chosen at random from our image folder where anything I deem as cool is placed.

With these seven photos I develop a story of how life should be. What follows is the links from the pass eight weeks of writing. There has been many comments that these stories should have more, more, more, and more. I get that so the link with the most comments below will be continued in the next scheduled VISION CASTING post. So let me know.   Enjoy!

So again, read the weeks and comment below which story needs to continue most and we'll drop that for you next week. Yes.

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Well we know this slot is usually used for our TOP 3 VIDEOS OF THE WEEK, but today we only got one. This video is for our Able Abe Clothing DENIM PROJECT: Promo. Check it out and let us know what you think.   Enjoy!

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We did it again, hope you Enjoy this one.

I sat slowly sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee at the patio seating of my favorite coffee house clearing my mind. I was meeting a perspective client in an hour, my nerves a little on edge, which was a good thing keeping me on my A-game. The thoughts running in my head ranged from the numbers, facts, and clients we as a studio had been able to attract. There was also the number of campaigns we had put together. In another part of my mind was the constant battle to keep at bay the fears, doubts, and securities I had about my life and life choices.

The caffeine in the coffee hadn’t yet hit me yet, as from where I was sitting I watched two Asian women walk up to the coffee house patio. Now, in even another part of my mind, the game was on. The game was to figure out the nationality of the two Asian women that walked up, maybe a bit racist, but it was my own personal fetish and I couldn’t help it. I discreetly watched them settle in placing their essentials they were carrying on the table. They were both carrying iphones with black cases. One had a Burberry purse she opened, and I could see she had an old school disposable camera inside.

I took another drink of the still hot coffee. The client I was to meet was looking to reinvent their company, once a global youthful brand. Over the years, their sales and audiences took a down turn. We were asked to come on and reenergize and re-develop the lagging brand.

Korean, I thought in my head, as the phone of one of the girls went off, catching my attention. They were now set up with a Mac laptop to the WIFI and were fervently working and messaging on their phones. One was dressed in a navy floral patterned summer dress with a brown leather braided belt cinched at her waist, embellished sandals, and black-rimmed coke bottle cap spectacles. The other seated with her legs crossed, wore a pair of jeans shorts, a tribal print top that formed to her torso, as she looked into a purple Land’s End tote bag. Both girls had their raven colored hair tied up in a bun. I couldn’t make up my mind on where they were from, watching the one in jean shorts, examining her unpainted toes, and looking up from her phone just for that moment.

I was just about finished with my coffee feeling good about the upcoming client meeting. Securing this account would be monumental, and it would also make us a global production company, more than just a production studio. Some tried to degrade our success by calling us “Kidults”. We embraced that and really thought growing up was a trap and we, I, wanted no part of the “old way” of thinking.

I sipped my coffee down to just about the last drop, intent in savoring the moments before I turned on the charm and power of persuasion. I laughed as my mind was now saying “Chinese”, as I overheard the two girls talking. I couldn’t be sure they were speaking Chinese, but it was another un-informed guess. The cute red headed barista called out, “Ruth”, and the Asian girl in the navy dress went up to the counter and grabbed a drink and a pastry, bringing it back to the table. The two girls split the sweet delicacy.

The caffeine rush was now hitting me, and I was unconsciously tapping my foot in a nervous pattern. Now was the time to walk back to the studio and burn off some of the buzz and do the final prep for the client meeting. I took the last drink of my coffee got up from the table, and began to walk the three lovely blocks back to the studio, which was a matter of a few minutes away. I was dressed in a green YSL cashmere knit sweater, Diesel jeans, black Diesel invasion sneakers, and my special gold Rolex on my left wrist. I shielded my eyes with a pair of classic Ray Bans, going back on my previous decision of thinking the two girls were Chinese, thinking now that they were Japanese.

I began walking at a faster pace, the excitement of pitching my studio capabilities gave me a bit of a hard on. I checked just to make sure I wasn’t pitching a noticeable tent on State Street. When out of the crowd of people ahead of me came a vision of beauty walking toward me. I, to this day, I don't know what drew my attention, be it the color contrast of her dress against her terracotta color skin, or the way she glided in and out of the crowd. She walked, coming ever closer to me closer to me. I’m sure our eyes met behind shaded lenses, as her head turned with a little hitch bouncing her blonde locks into the calm breeze kicking up. The closer she got, the more details I picked up from her. She wore a canary yellow silk Chloe dress, light blue suede Giuseppe Z heels, and carried a white Hermes vintage leather tote. She had easily walked into my line of sight, and the closer she got, she walked into my heart. I thought about stopping her and complementing her on her gorgeous dress. Yet, if we actually started a conversation, I knew my focus would be lost for the meeting I was so wrapped up in. I felt like the Universe was working in my favor, synchronicity to the max, but this would be the cherry on top.

She kept walking down the sidewalk toward me. It was inevitable we’d cross paths at this point, but then I got a message on my phone. Grabbing my iphone from my jean pocket I see that the message was my assistant Nicole, informing me the client had arrived at the studio. Time I guess wasn’t on my side in this encounter. She was less than half a block ahead of me. She moved with power and grace looking like a Jake Davis Test shot. She was now in front of me. I tipped down my Ray Bans, showing my eyes looking directly at her as she walked by, mouthing the words DAAAMMN! She saw me, I was sure, but she kept walking. I turned and watched her walk off admiring the switch in her walk; it was everything I expected it to be.

I pulled my thoughts together, walking into the studio greeted by Nicole holding the portfolio I had set up for the client. I began walking to the conference room and Nicole informed me the client had stepped out to take a call. I was more than ready, and with time now on my side, I sat at the conference table briefly looking over my notes in the portfolio like the waning moments before a final exam. Nicole came back into the room followed by a middle-aged man in a grey suit and then with another man maybe a bit younger, in a navy pinstriped suit. I wondered who these two men were, since I was expecting a middle aged woman with a Hillary Clinton pant suit or some kind of dress to make her look younger. I shook the hands of the two men introducing myself and finally asking, “So where is Mrs. Arguello?” The man in the pinstriped suit, who introduced himself as a lawyer, corrected me by saying, “You mean Ms. Arguello/” I looked at Nicole and then at the portfolio in front of me. Everything we had was Mrs. Arguello; did we make a mistake right off the bat?

So I went with it. “So where is Ms. Arguello?” The man in the grey suit who introduced himself as an accountant, chimed in, “She should be back shortly. She went for a cup of coffee.” Both men explained that Ms. Arguello is a fan of the coffee house down the street and that where they were from, they had to import, it and seeing it a real brick and mortar shop, she couldn’t resist. I told the men I loved the place as well and that I was just there, a funny thing. I looked the two men over sizing them up a little, the only mishap thus far the Mrs. or Ms. Arguello, which got me really thinking about who this lady was. And then she walked in a cup of coffee to go and a pouch of coffee beans in her hand. It was the woman passed on my way here. I was stunned. With my jaw slack, I managed to stand, as she put the pouch of beans on the table. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. I reached out to shake her elegant hand. She winked at me and mouthed the words DAAAMMN! We then sat down, and she sat directly in front of me without breaking eye contact, synchronicity was on time.              

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