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The architect Vincent Stevens; the psychiatrist Chris Vanowen; the real estate agents Luke Seacord and Marty Landry; and Chris' half-brother Philip Trauner are married and best friends. Vincent proposes his friends to share a wonderful penthouse loft in a brand new building designed by him to become their rendezvous instead of using their credit cards for love affairs and one night stands in hotels. When they discover the body of a beautiful woman cuffed on the bed in the loft, they have argument to find who is the responsible and secrets are disclosed affecting their friendship. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

THE LOFT is directed by Erik Van Looy, written by Wesley Strick and produced by Hilde De Laere, Matt DeRoss, Paul Green, and Adam Shulman. My initial thoughts on this film before viewing was that the concept was interesting and it may make for a good film. Upon watching it made me think of another film called “STAG” with a similar storyline. As for The LOFT as the story unfolded my greatest grip was with their casting, which seemed like an unlikely band of friends. The pace of the film was methodical, but in the way it told the story without revealing the who done it moment to early we were paraded through flashbacks that reveled enough of each characters back-story to view them as a suspect. I’ve always viewed stories told in this manner to be intriguing, but in this film I felt it was used to direct the viewer into thinking one of the friends was the main suspect over another. I felt THE LOFT was entertaining, but maybe I was more entertained when I saw the film STAG; yet I gave it 3 stars.

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When two trash-picking boys from Rio's slums find a wallet in amongst the daily detritus of their local dump, little do they imagine that their lives are about to change forever. But when the local police show up, offering a handsome reward for the wallet's return, the boys, Rafael and Gardo, realize that what they've found must be important. Written by Universal Pictures (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

TRASH is directed by Stephen Daldry, co-directed by Christian Duurvoort, written by Richard Curtis, and produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Kris Thylier. The most striking things of this film were the young characters and the setting in which they lived. As a viewer dropped into an unfamiliar place as where this film took place forced me to quickly adapt mentally to the realizations of life for these characters leading to my suspension of disbelief and allowing me to become one with the story. The pace of the film slowly built up as at a certain point the action just exploded and you found yourself in the middle of a taut action thriller. Stylistically I felt the film was told in a rather straightforward manner with a few choices for cinematic flair that blended in well with the transition of landscapes the film showed. In many ways TRASH reminded me of another great film I had seen called City of God, which also focused on similar aged characters in a third world setting. Overall I gave TRASH 4 stars as an exciting and entertaining story that unfolded in a frenetic and heartfelt way.

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A troubled couple vacate to a beautiful getaway, but bizarre circumstances further complicate their situation. (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

THE ONE I LOVE directed by Charlie McDowell, written by Justin Lader, and produced by Mel Eslyn. At the onset of this film that portrayed itself as maybe a romantic comedy waiting to unfold itself to you soon you realize it’s not that. The story concept to me was very fresh, something I don’t have anything to reference it with, which is good. The pace of the film drew you in and as things began to get stranger you went right along with it hoping that the characters would rekindle their relationship in the midst of the unexplained happenings. Stylistically the film was portrayed rather straightforwardly letting the story be the standout piece. I really thought this was an imaginative film only wishing there was more of delving deep within the relationship to draw out more awkwardness bringing the resolution of the film a greater meaning and what if. Overall I gave THE ONE I LOVE 4 stars for an interesting concept, story, and characters that kept me intrigued all the way through. 

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A friend of mine sent me this, I thought it was appropriate   ...GO!!!

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Scheming Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy), a bigoted and corrupt policeman, is in line for a promotion and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Enlisted to solve a brutal murder and threatened by the aspirations of his colleagues, including Ray Lennox (Jamie Bell), Bruce sets about ensuring their ruin, right under the nose of unwitting Chief Inspector Toal. As he turns his colleagues against one another by stealing their wives and exposing their secrets, Bruce starts to lose himself in a web of deceit that he can no longer control. His past is slowly catching up with him, and a missing wife, a crippling drug habit and suspicious colleagues start to take their toll on his sanity. The question is: can he keep his grip on reality long enough to disentangle himself from the filth? Written by Lionsgate UK (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

This film FILTH directed by Jon S. Baird, written by Jon S. Baird, adapted from the novel written by Irvine Welsh. The films high energy, almost schizophrenic pace and main character Bruce who seemed void of any human kindness or compassion for his fellow man or woman had me wondering how far a main character could go before my dislike for him had me disliking the film in general? I’ve always been under the notion that a flawed character is always better than not, in this film have I found my limit? Bruce the main character, yet being an utter asshole seems to still get the highest of regard from the other characters in this film bringing Bruce back into their graces o matter his actions. This all made for an extreme rollercoaster ride of emotions praying that at some point Bruce would see his way to making better choices and be an upstanding person in society. This did make for good drama as well as a few laughs throughout the film giving it depth and development for characters within the story. So for FILTH I gave it 4 stars, as it was an entertaining film with a remarkable character that proved to me flawed characters do make for good story.

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