Thursday, August 17, 2017


As much as he knew about the finance world there'd be a lot of money spent up front and the work would come in making it back and paying lenders.The seriousness of the situation didn't pass him by he knew the real work would be up to him actually making the truck go with selling items people wanted to buy and eat.
He continued looking through the proposal as the chatter in the background subsided and she came out and sat next to him. She asked him what he had thought so far to which he nodded his head excitedly ready to start. She liked his enthusiasm but she had seen it during the late nights in his apartment cooking up some delectable items. 
They had a long way to go before anything was final but the first step was seeing the truck to making sure it was worthy. They scheduled a time to meet with the dealer after she got off work but before he went into work the next day. 
Upon meeting at the lot with the dealer there were a numerous amount of vehicles in the lot, but sticking out amongst the crop you could see the lime green top of the food truck from the ad. He got in with permission of the dealer and saw it needed some major work From new appliances, gas stove, counter tops etc. They knew the deal would be risky but that was when it only seemed like minor work. One bright spot was the truck started up and seemed to run well so that leveled out the risk involved a bit. 
The two conversated to the side both looking they're professional finest. Upon breaking their huddle they talked the dealer down pointing out to actually make the truck viable they needed to spend money to refurbish its appliances. After a bit of a standoff with each party in silence the dealer saw their point of view. It was smiles all around as the first step in their plan had been achieved. They then scheduled payment and the rest, but first a group selfie as the deal had been struck.

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