Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MOD MAN #11 Ms. Arguello

Malcolm left the studio that night dressed to the nines for his dinner date with Ms. Arguello. Rather than picking her up in his car he used the company’s black SUV to pick her up from her hotel and go to dinner. He wanted the night to be a nice stay for her in the city, but with the already sense of sexual attraction he didn’t want to confuse business and pleasure. 

As he pulled into the hotel and hopped out he asked the vale to keep it close being that he wouldn’t be staying long. It was just now turning 6:45pm he was a bit early so he waited in the lobby of the luxurious hotel and took a minute to people watch. He watched an older couple of some affluence checking in, which made him think how the access to capital protected oneself and gave you options, while not having money keeps you in the perpetual chase for the dollar. Malcolm wasn’t one to be overly political or fervor for any cause outside of the basics like the pursuit of happiness and living by the golden rule, but he had a moment there while he clearly saw the divide and realized to change that and where to start was such a huge question. 

He continued to wait sitting in a plush chair with an avant-garde print when he saw Ms. Arguello step out of the elevator. She hadn’t seen him straight off so Malcolm took just another second more to admire her beauty wearing a stealthy little black dress with a plunging neckline and a sparkle of accessories. Malcolm then stood up and moved in her direction. He called out to her politely and she turned with a twinkle in her eye as she set her sights on Malcolm. They greeted each other with a mild embrace and a kiss on the cheek. Ms. Arguello was definitely impressed at how Malcolm cleaned up looking sharp in a tailored suit. Although she admired his appearance she commented that he should call her Martha and drop the formality. Malcolm smiled understanding his formality in addressing her came off as too professional, but he realized now they could become more intimate on a first name basis. 

They excitedly left the hotel lobby walking out to the vale to bring around Malcolm’s company vehicle and the two of them were off on their dinner date. Along the drive they engaged in some light conversation as Martha commented on how the hotel she was staying in was nice, but that the American way of hospitality was somewhat lacking as it compared to back home in Peru. Malcolm segwayed from that topic to sharing with Martha the place he was taking her he felt got the hospitality thing right as well as serving a tremendous meal. All the while speaking about it in a way that sparked interest, but didn’t over selling it. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant the sun was just beginning to go down so it was suggested by the hostess whom took their reservation to maybe dine out on the balcony. The suggestion was on point as the spot they ended up with gave them a marvelous sunset view of the ocean and the city below. After placing their order and served a nice glass of Californian Merlot they began to talk more personally giving Malcolm insight into Martha’s mind and family experience. Martha talked about how her father was teased as a child for his last name which in Spanish means “weak”. To combat that her father promised himself to make something of himself, which lead him on many journeys finally creating one that he had built into a multi million dollar business. Perfecta Toro tequila was named that because a bull was viewed as a very strong animal and that was the image her father loved to represent him. The roots story Martha had told him inspired Malcolm to want to provide her and the Perfecta Toro tequila company a great campaign that would let the whole world know the name. 

The rest of dinner flowed like a great bottle of olive oil pours out. They were vibing with each other bonding on many points as the sensual attraction grew. Martha complemented Malcolm on the selection of restaurant as he covered the bill and the two of them walked out arm in arm onto State Street and took in the attractions available. Upon getting back to the hotel it wasn’t too late and they both had had a few glasses of wine, but were no where near tipsy just very relaxed. They made it to the lobby still arm in arm. There was a strong attraction that had built throughout the night and now they both were in silence wondering what to do next. 

Malcolm lead Martha to the elevator she had came down in holding each other’s gaze. Malcolm summoned the elevator still in search of what to do next. He in no way wanted to overstep the boundaries so as the elevator doors opened a voice in his head told him to go up with her. He held the door as they embraced a little more deeply hands lingering against the other while kissing each other’s cheek thankful for a wonderful night. Martha reluctantly walked into the elevator turning back to Malcolm as to say he should join her. Yet still holding the door looking at the marble floor thinking he voiced how he was looking forward to seeing her again very soon in her home town for the visit to the Perfecta Toro factory in a few weeks and then he let the doors go. There was a slight delay in the doors closing, which allowed for them to share one last wanting gaze with the other before the doors shut tight taking her to her floor levels above.

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