Thursday, August 31, 2017


The night before the Iona's food truck soft-launch he lay in bed and couldn't sleep. Partly because he was rechecking his mind's checklist for anything he may have forgotten. 
He was also recounting his steps that had found him on the verge of a new career in a new industry. His thoughts were more on the serendipitous things that came his way that if he hadn't taken action on them he might have found himself in a completely different course. Feeling blessed to have come so far he drifted off to sleep. 
The next day was the soft launch party at a local high school football game yet before that he had to stop by the steakhouse and pick up his last check. The meeting was bittersweet as he could tell there was some tension, which he apologized for and gave hugs to those who were huggers and firm hand shakes to those who weren't and thanked the owner generously for trusting in him when he was down. 
Later that evening he met up with his neighbor who was dressed to work helping him in the truck through the game. They parked the truck at one end of the field where it could be seen and at first feeling people would rather go to the high school snack bar as things were moving rather slow they stayed patient. 
The idea of the soft launch was to get feedback and get some questions answered that they had about staff and the menu items. The answers soon came as at halftime of the varsity game people flocked to Iona's with an inquisitive faces looking over the menu. Then orders began to pour in they were struggling to keep up, but served each customer in a timely fashion as come the second half of the game till the end they got the answers they needed as people whom had been served came back to complement the food service.
He looked at his neighbor in the close quarters of the food truck smiling at her as they knew without a shadow of a doubt they were on something big.

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