Saturday, August 12, 2017


He couldn't wait to let his neighbor know he was totally into partnering up with her on the food truck plan. He worried he had taken too long to decide and now she was having second thoughts about it herself. 
So that morning before he felt she'd be heading off to work he stopped by her apartment knocking on the door. Waiting at the door with the paperwork she had given him, he knocked again. Maybe he had missed her so for good measure he knocked again. Still no answer. 
He moved back to his apartment and looked over the paperwork she had given him and found the ad online. It was what she said it was. Satisfied with her due diligence he was committing himself to the deal.
He prepared for work and as he left he looked for her car, which was still not there. So at work throughout his shift in the back of his mind he came up with wild scenarios for her not being home. He made it through the day of work realizing he'd be soon leaving this place and setting out on living a dream. 
He rushed home hoping she'd be there. Pulling into his complex driveway his headlights passed over her parked car and immediately he made it to her door and knocked. The door opened. She was on the phone with someone so she motioned him to come in with a smile as she continued her conversation. 
He had never been in her apartment before and was impressed with it's layout and interior design. He sat on her white sofa with a faux white tiger skin draped accross the back. Taking in the scene he realized she was speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese. He knew this as he had taken up to 2nd semester in college and could still pick up a few of the words she was speaking. 
As she saw she would be longer on the phone than expected she handed him a typed proposal giving it to him with wide eyes. This was the game plan he had been waiting for already worked out and ready for his approval, he was excited.

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