Monday, August 14, 2017

MOD MAN #10 Summer

He rushed down the steps to the garage running a tad bit late, and he fuckin’ hated being late. In the garage was his pearl white Lexus. Kimberly, who was living with him, had left earlier in his I S red convertible Lexus. She was headed to a casting call. She was a new to the area looking to live out her dreams like anyone else. As she headed to this casting for a big budget gig, she was told she’d be working with a few as yet to be cast big names. Some of the names being thrown around were Eva Longoria, Bruce Willis, and even Leonardo DiCaprio. Malcolm told her over a dinner of shrimp linguini and a crisp Pinot Grigio that no matter who was cast, this was her opportunity to make her mark. She’d need to kill the read through.

He himself was headed to the studio as we were shooting the final scene for their fourth feature film. A bagel with cream cheese, his breakfast held between his teeth, he moved closer to the car, opened it up tossed his bag on the passenger seat, and sped off. The drive to the studio always made him daydream a bit, as on his right was the amazing ocean view. On his left was the lush foliage and open plains. That all changed when you hit the city limits of track housing, businesses would pop up, and the view of the ocean was set back amongst the urban sprawl. On his mind were a number of unconnected thoughts and images passing through. One was of the impending work at hand for him once he got to the studio. Another thought that lingered was of Okoye. She was also living with him, a model type with gorgeous natural raven colored locks and legs that looked like they went straight to heaven. The image stuck in his head was of her reaching for a box of cereal wearing nothing, but one of his t-shirts creeping up and showing a tantalizing bit of her butt cheek. He stopped in his tracks, that vision now stuck in head head.

At that moment his iPhone began to ring. He assumed it was Nicole, Malcolm’s long time assistant, checking up on him, but it was David Beckham. Quite the surprise, he thought, as they had recently become friends, and he had watched him play a few times, as he had given them tickets. He answered the phone, still driving with a bit of anticipation to why he’d be calling at this moment. He said, “What’s good my friend?” He replied with his thick Brit accent, “I’m well my friend. I see I didn’t wake you up. You’re already up and at’ em”. He asked him, To what do I owe this morning call?” He went on to explain that he wanted to invite Malcolm to a dinner party at his mansion that weekend. He and his wife, one of the sexiest women Malcolm had ever met, wanted him to meet some of his friends and family. Malcolm was awe struck. His jaw dropped in a shocked reaction, as his mind raced with a what, who, and how did this happen kind of pattern. He guessed he was continuing to move up in the world. Malcolm let him know that he was driving so to text him all the details. He obliged Malcolm with a Cherri – o, but first let Malcolm know he should bring a date, but no hoes. This statement was, in a way, saying politely that Kimberly and Okoye were out, not that they were hoes. Malcolm guessed some people got the idea that being that they lived with him rent-free there was some kind of arrangement, and there was. He had to laugh; he guessed he wasn’t fooling anyone. He also mentioned dinner would be held outside to watch the glorious sunset.

Malcolm pulled into the parking lot of the studio and Nicole immediately bombarded him with questions and messages, her headset on her head and a cup of Yerba Matte tea in her hand. He couldn’t be that late but when you are the director, it is what you do. He had her go down the seemingly endless to do list, as they walked inside, and one by one each was dealt with. The most pressing of them all was dealing with the actors, stroking their ego, and letting them know they looked good on screen. Then it hit him. Malcolm, sometimes found inspiration comes when you least expect it. He knew who he was going to take to the Beckham’s dinner party; her name, Summer. Malcolm got Nicole to make a note of finding her and getting him in contact with her. And before he could call the shoot a WRAP, Nicole had gotten her info to his iPhone. The rest was up to him.

Upon wrapping the days shoot and prepping for postproduction in the coming days with Nicole, Malcolm found a quiet spot to call Summer. A hint of nervousness plagued him as he looked at the contact number preparing to call thinking of what he might say. It had been sometime since they had originally meet and spoke, but not long enough that she’d forget him. So he dialed the number. Summer pleasantly answered the phone, remembering him off the bat. They quickly caught up speaking on things they had been doing in their recent past. Malcolm worked up to the invite not getting a clear picture on her relationship status being that when they had met she was seeing a producer from Sony studios. Then at a certain point Malcolm had to just dive into the reason he called to invite her to dinner at the Beckham’s home. He didn’t lead with saying dinner would be at the Beckhams, but it did help her in deciding to say yes, as she never undisclosed to Malcolm whether she was still making rounds with the producer. Malcolm took it at that, she had said yes and they were going. He continued to tell her that if he’d get any more vital information as it came he’d get it to her. Seemingly they both seemed to have enjoyed talking with the other as they got off the phone with smiles across their faces.

Upon reaching home still high off a solid day of work, scoring a dinner date, and seeing the wonderful sunset on his way home. Malcolm arrived home to see his red I S Lexus mashed up being unloaded by a tow truck. His eyes widened as he stopped halfway down the driveway and hopped out wondering what the hell had happened. The car had taken some major front-end damage, which deployed the air bags. As Malcolm came closer, Kimberly whom had been driving the car ran up to Malcolm in tears. The accident was proven not to be her fault, but she was shaken up and definitely worried by the words she was crying into Malcolm’s chest as they embraced.  He was just glad she was ok. The tow man gave back the keys and asked for his tow fee as Kimberly continued to cry. Malcolm paid with cash on hand realizing that his relationships with Kimberly and Okoye was something more than just roommates as he felt clear relief that Kim was ok. After things had calmed, Kimberly then made Malcolm proud as she revealed that she had gotten the role that could jumpstart her career.

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