Thursday, February 17, 2011


In part 1 of My Influences I share with you three images, which in some way helped develop my creative thinking and likes.

The first image I shared was by an artist named Aubrey Beardsley, he was an artist during the movement called Art Nouveau with an erotic side. His style was also closely related to Japanese wood block carving as well.

The second images I shared was a photograph taken by Alfred Stieglitz, who was very instrumental in the early years of photography helping it become accepted as an art form. I studied him and his work a great deal in my art photography courses and I some how related and enjoyed his work more than many of the photographers that worked at the same time.

The final image was a poster or CD cover for a group call ABC, which stands for Another Bad Creation. This was the music and the imagery that shaped my idea of fame at a young age. Watching these kids in music videos and seeing how all the girls lost it when there songs came on the radio gave me the idea that fame was a good thing.

Here are a few more images that has shaped who I am, anyone know who they are?





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