Saturday, February 4, 2012


Music for many of us is a major part of our lives. And ever since the creation of the music video we realized how a video could make a song much more memorable or make it wack as f***.  What follows is  the TOP 3 MUSIC VIDEOS according to us over at Able Abe Studios.  Enjoy!

#3 Is from Lil' Wayne ft. Bruno Mars "MIRRORS"

However you may feel about Lil Wayne, you got to admit he's done a lot with his career more that many who've come up in the Hip Hop industry. As for this particular video, it was his attempt to show that "other side" that got us. The visuals were somewhat interesting and went well with the story the song was trying to portray.  Enjoy.

#2 Die Antwoord  "I FINK U FREEKY"

We'd have to say this was indeed an amazing video from the South African trio, which we were familiar with from their earlier braggadocios video "RICH BITCH". This time around we get a hyped up dance beat with a catchy hook, so loved it.

#1 M.I.A.  "BAD GIRLS"

We got to admit that we saw links to this video on numerous pages, but decided to pass thinking M.I.A. had lost the hype she once had with her video "PAPER PLANES". And OM f-ing goodness this video is so CRAY. The visual are dope M.I.A. looks amazing and we are immersed in a reality that tops any gangsta shit of any in the U.S.  ...Enjoy!

So let us know what you think, were we right on or did we miss something, or you got a video we should consider leave a comment.  Check out our gear at KONJO this weekend.



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