Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This past week we had the opportunity to work on a project with a quick turnaround. From the ordering of t shirts and the day the project needed to be completed was a matter 5 days. In most cases a project like this would take 2 weeks. So once we figured out the design with a matter of sketches and discussions on the "look"' for the brand we set off to create the final design. 

Then from the final design we created a transparency that will be used to burn the image into our screen creating the template to screen the shirts.

Come Saturday morning and the shirts would need to be completed for the next morning. At that point  we realized we were low on the color of ink needed to complete the project. After a few calls to my go to suppliers we found out that all of them were out of the exact color we needed, time to panic or time to improvise. Knowing color theory we tried to blend colors we had on hand to create other options.

In the end, we literally scraped by, as we got everything we could from what we had to fill the order. I think the whole process was a great learning experience and belief in the process as we created something that the customer was pleased with, customer approved. Lets Go!

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