Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Welcome in to another TUESDAY GOT THAT WORK. This past week was filled w/ meetings and planning for upcoming projects, but here were a few of the highlights. We spent a few minutes gathering thoughts before a meeting w/ a little iced coffee. 

As we were there a passer by was sporting one of my designs and of course we had to call him over and get a pic. It is always great to work w/ inspired people, but sometimes it's not worth all the hassle #thereisabackstory.

I have also been thinking on how to do some interior design work in my spot and this was one of the designs we were going to use on some redone couch cushions, which we'll show the final product when we get there.

Later in the week the 1078 Gallery was having an art reception for the Death and the Maiden installation and we got to check that out. Much respect to Ben Lucas and the rest of Eye of Jade Tattoo.

After the show we got a lil grub at the local Mexican food restaurant and wow I had found french fries in my burrito yummm.

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