Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dr. Hess Green becomes cursed by a mysterious ancient African artifact and is overwhelmed with a newfound thirst for blood. He however is not a vampire. Soon after his transformation he enters into a dangerous romance with Ganja Hightower that questions the very nature of love, addiction, sex, and status. Written by Production (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

I learned about this film upon seeing an interview with Spike Lee, who directed, wrote the screenplay and produced the film along with Chiz Schultz. The concept and some of the visuals seemed compelling to me. Once I got the chance to view the film I felt Da sweet blood of Jesus lacked elements that I was expecting it to have being a Spike Lee Joint. I assumed as director Spike would have shown more of his artistic flare for cinema in presenting this film. The story in itself was a definitely unique as it told the story of an affluent black male character that became blood thirsty like a vampire in a bizarre turn of events. The set pieces and staging of characters through out was very impressive, but again I was hoping for something more from Da sweet blood of Jesus. I am sure with a second viewing the film would become a bit more understandable, but at this point I give it 3 stars for being able to keep me guessing revealing a story I may not have predicted. This scoring also certifies Da sweet blood of Jesus as Netflix & Chill worthy   ...GO!!!

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