Saturday, November 21, 2015


Peter Devereaux is a former CIA agent who is asked by the man he worked for to extract a woman who is in Russia and is presently close to a man running for President, who is believed to have committed crimes during the Chechen war. She can give them the name of someone who can prove it. His friend says that she will only come to him. So he goes and she gets the info and tries to get out but the man finds out and tries to stop her. Written by (courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

I like the young versus old, master and apprentice motif to the November Man written Directed by Roger Donaldson written by Michael Finch & Karl Gajdusek produced by Sriram Das. The action, like cat and mouse that was woven into the story I felt was nicely done. I feel the characters were compelling, but I didn’t find resonance with the actors that played them. I mean Pierce Brosnan going against a no name actor come, but make him someone with weight, now you have a film I want to watch and will remember. Furthermore, I didn’t gain a true liking for Brosnan’s character as I felt I should, probably because I still saw him as James Bond. Overall I felt November man was entertaining, but not something memorable. Still the same it is NETFLIX & CHILL approved   ...GO!!!           

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