Saturday, November 28, 2015


Based on the comic book series "The Brass Teapot" about mid-twenty year old couple who, in these difficult economic times, finds a mysterious, magical brass teapot which makes them money but at a surprising price. After realizing the teapots powers, John and Alice must decide how far they will go to fulfill, their dream. Written by Anonymous  (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

Realizing this film was based on a comic book series told me a lot about this film directed by Ramaa Mosley written by Tim Macy produced by Darren Goldberg, Ramaa Mosely, Kirk Ross & James Graves. I thought at first this film came off kinda quiky, off beat cool, dorky nerd gets hot girl, the struggle is real kind of story, BUT isn't that what makes for great comic storylines. I do feel the concept is compelling and how the events play out you question what could possibly happen next keeping you engaged in the film. So I gave this film 3 stars certifying it as a great HAPPY THANKSGIVING weekend Netflix & Chill   ...GO!!!

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