Saturday, March 19, 2016


A master auctioneer becomes obsessed with an extremely reclusive heiress who collects fine art. (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

THE BEST OFFER is directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore and produced by Isabella Cocuzza and Arturo Paglia. From the moment of seeing the main character with his uptight and peculiar way I knew throughout this film the story needed to push him to become something else or something new. The pace of the film accentuated this metamorphosis gradually moving at a pace that forced the character to adapt rapidly or fail at gaining what he deeply wanted, which was the love of a woman to share his greatest possessions. BEST OFFER was shot in a very straightforward way with limited creative flurries in camera movement allowing all attention to be on the main characters fight to uncover the truth. So for BEST OFFER I give it 3 stars as it entertained me yet disappointed me with an ambiguous and sad ending for a character with so much potential.

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