Saturday, January 2, 2016


Lil (Naomi Watts) and Roz (Robin Wright) are two lifelong friends, having grown up together as neighbors in an idyllic beach town. As adults, their sons have developed a friendship as strong as that, which binds their mothers. One summer, all four are confronted by simmering emotions that have been mounting between them, and each find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the bounds of convention. Written by Anonymous (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

Within these crossing of boundaries ADORE directed & written by Anne Fontaine, and adapted from Doris Lessing’s book “Grandmothers” puts you in a place where desire and following your bliss seems to be paramount. The situation of events seemed feasible, although I think you take this story away from its surroundings of sun, sand, and surf and I think the outcome becomes different. Yet it is that hypnotic, and melodic sound of the crashing waves on the beach that puts you in such a trance to believe that the characters can live out their wildest dreams with no fear of consequence. In that bubble, allow time to take its course and that is when the idea of happily ever after is threatened. For me this is where the real story begins, although it took time in getting there with that incessant wave like pace. I think the film portrayed a provocative story leaving me with a resolution that left me wanting something more final and not so open ended. For that reason I give ADORE 3 stars as an intriguing story and reminding me of oh how I love the sun, beach and ocean.

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