Saturday, January 9, 2016


Pals Danny and Frank spend the summer after high school working as lifeguards while figuring out their future. (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

Well lets just say Staten Island Summer directed by Rhys Thomas and written by Colin Jost is that coming of age story we’ve seen before with simply a different setting and crop of plotting characters. I’m all for the coming of age genre of films, but it just seems like the ultimate goal of these characters is always to get laid or get high, if not both. Looking back at those days...  yep, that was the mindset. Yet it would be refreshing and even possibly build a better story if something else happened, just saying. Staten Island Summer also had a sleuth of SNL (Saturday Night Live) cast members involved, the director, writer, and a few other acting roles, which helped to show the world their acting chops. That said maybe the point of these type of films is to harken unto the days of being care free where worrying about how you were going to lose your virginity, while getting drunk or high was the least of it. Anyways, as for Staten Island Summer I gave it 3 stars for its pure entertainment value and rumpus tone.

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