Saturday, April 16, 2016


Franck and Simon are both good cops. They work as partners. But their lives take a tailspin when Simon, driving drunk, causes a tragic car wreck. A few years later, out of the police, he is forced to take matters into his own hands when his family is in danger. Written by Jiilo_Kim (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

MEA CULPA is Directed and Written by Fred Cavaye, Produced by Cyrill Colbeau-Justin, Sidonie Dumas, and Jean-Baptiste Dupont. The unraveling of this story was intriguing giving you one view of a character down on his luck in a way making you root for him. This lead to a fast paced action story. As we begin to get further into this redemptive story I felt engaged both by the action as well as the story. I even went for the plot twist that made you view the main character in a different light. I also felt the films resolution spoke well to how the story itself was setup. I give MEA CULPA 3 stars for its unique storytelling pattern and intense action sequences.

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