Saturday, June 11, 2016


Ida, a beautiful mess obsessing over her marital separation, shows up at her sister Alison's for a visit a week too early. Alison is well used to cleaning up after Ida, and settles them both at a local wine bar. There they meet Clark, fresh from signing his divorce papers and sporting his favorite sweatpants, and his friend Will: charming, glib and avoiding his pregnant bride. Recognizing their similarities yet excited by the differences, the foursome climb into a party limo and navigate their way through embarrassing confessions, pot pharmacies, and covert skinny dipping; balancing an undercurrent of sexual tension and the sobering knowledge that they may have left their lives behind for this night, but they would have to return to them come morning. Written by Anonymous (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

THE LAS TIME I HAD FUN is directed by Mo Perkins, written by Hal Haberman, and produced by Drea Clark. In this film that reflects on the lives of a group of at once strangers, which become a band of friends, this tale of life as you get older tells some interesting truths both funny and sad. The plot at first for me seemed too inconceivable, but as the film progressed I began to buy into its premise. By the end of the film I rooted for the characters to find some clarity or sense that life hadn’t passed them by and there was so much more of life to live. There were indeed some laughs, which were a great plus, but overall I give LAST TIME YOU HAD FUN 3 stars. Enjoy!

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