Saturday, September 17, 2016


A professional shooter gets a new job from his boss. The job is simple to bring him a bag without opening it. But everyone on this town wants that bag. So Jack has to protect the bag and try to carry out his mission. In this city he will meet a lot of people and he will seduced by mysterious woman. Written by Chris Zoumpos (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

BAGMAN is directed by David Grovic, written by David Grovic and Paul Conway, produced by Peter D. Graves, Anthony Mitchell, Warren Ostergard. For me this was a film that had an interesting story that just got more ridiculous as the film continued. I’m a fan of John Cussack, a huge fan of Robert Deniro, but outside of their performance and the exotic beauty of Rebecca De Costa there wasn’t much more to offer.  I also felt this film could have been more compelling with a different take on the main character. So for BAGMAN I give it 3 stars.

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