Saturday, October 8, 2016


Set in 2031, the entire world is frozen except for those aboard the Snowpiercer. For 17 years, the world's survivors are on a train hurtling around the globe creating their own economy and class system. Led by Curtis, a group of lower-class citizens living in squalor at the back of the train are determined to get to the front of the train and spread the wealth around. Each section of the train holds new surprises for the group who have to battle their way through. A revolution is underway. Written by Anne Campbell (Courtesy of Internet Movie Database)

SNOWPIERCER is directed by Bong Joon Ho, written by Kelly Masterson, and produced by Miky Lee and Steven Nam. To be honest I had seen this film twice, in my first viewing the action of the story enthralled me as well as its offbeat humor in a story where a character fights his way to uncover truth I thought was great. In my second viewing I focused more on trying to uncover what was the meaning of the film in this bleak look of the future. There was definite talk about classicism and how each class has its place, which reflected the reality we live in today. This was indeed a cerebral film yet at the same time it held my interest throughout even when I was just looking to be entertained. So for SNOWPIERCER I give it 4 stars.

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