Thursday, May 4, 2017


He stumbled through the church doors. His mind, body and spirit weary from the way he was living his life. He was burning the candle at both ends in order to get ahead.

He didn't even know the type of church he was entering, he just saw the cross on the outside of the building and walked in searching for a conversation with a higher power.

He smelt like expensive brown liquor and women's perfume waking up in the bed of another woman he barely knew, which was the moment that sparked the idea he needed to get right, or what ever that meant, ending him up here on his knees putting his hands together to pray.

He hesitated, not rightly knowing how to open his prayer so he spoke freely like he was talking to a best friend. Ultimately he knew what he was asking for wouldn't come easy once he stepped back those church doors into the world with all his habits he had formed he'd need at least 21 days to switch them up if not break them.

At that moment the sunlight poured through the large stain glass window illuminating him in a golden glow. He didn't immediately feel different as he rose to his feet. Yet he understood if he stayed true winning each day he would, as he was living the life of a born sinner.

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