Thursday, May 25, 2017


He left the office with his mind burdened after another tough day of work. Tough in the atypical sense of high stress and meeting deadlines and being productive. That had been something he'd drawn accoustomed to and subsequently numb, even though his own numbers were on the decline. 
Tough through in the sense that it was emotional strain working on him as he was already in a fragile state looking for advice from someone if not a higher power. He was fearing he'd fall back into his old patterns having already broken his vow to stop drinking picking up a bottle on his way home last night needing to take the edge off. 

His mind was a battlefield of waring thoughts of whom he was and wanted to become. On his way down a flight of stairs to leave he past a colleague whom had recently been let go escorted by security to get his remaining things. He had been performing poorly and had some disciplinary issues as well. 
As they drew closer to each other he saw how the situation had taken its toll on someone he had worked side by side with for some time. It gave him some perspective on his own life in looking at his ex colleague's lack on confidence in his posture, the bags under his eyes from who knew how many sleepless nights and the pained look on his face. 
They passed each other and spoke without words just a nod of acknowledgement and hopes he'd see better days. As much as he hoped this for his ex colleague he prayed it for himself feeling that he was only steps away from ending up in places he hoped he could stay away from.

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