Thursday, May 18, 2017


This was to be his favorite part of the day. A finely brewed cup of coffee, a good book and some mindful jazz playing in the background at the local coffee shop the social hub to any community. 
It would'nt be long, maybe a few sips off his coffee and a few paragraphs read when all of that would change as his ex girlfriend would walk in. 
At the moment she hadn't seen him stationed off in the corner of the shop. In his own opinion she looked great radiating with a happiness even he could feel. 
Their three-year relationship had come to a close both realizing they wanted different things in life. Always a bit of an ordeal running into an Ex, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. He watched her order her usual an Americano, an espresso shot diluted with water to which she'd add two packets of sugar. 
At that moment she spotted him, as he spotted the wedding ring on her finger. A bit of him died in that instant thinking this could be the moment they could rekindle things. He definitely could use someone that would continue to inspire him to be better. 
They both smiled as she walked up to his table. Their exact split was a little complicated, but cordial. He thought of a pair of panties he held onto of hers wondering where they might be now. 
They spoke briefly catching up as it had been nearly a year and some change since going their separate ways. He looked at her in awe and a hint of disgust knowing if she could have given him some time they could have worked out. She looked truly happy and as much as part of him resented that he kept smiling with her wedding ring sparkling in his eyes. 
Upon wishing eachother well she walked out of the coffee shop door and was gone. Leaving him to his favorite part of the day now ruined by running into the one who got away. 

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