Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So with a busy weekend of editing and making sure everything was looking good I am proud to say Able Abe Clothing’s 1st official look book for Spring / Summer 2011 is complete. We are still waiting to release our poster series, which will be out shortly, but we’d love to hear what you think about the book and more importantly the clothes.

As much as it was a busy weekend I was still able to take in a film. This week’s screening courtesy Netflix’s watch instantly section I screened YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS.

This film written & directed by Neil LaBute, produced by Steve Golin and Jason Patric (1998) This film is of theater instructor Jerry starts an affair with Mary, and that starts a chain of events that affect their respective partners Terri and Barry and other characters in the film, creating a web of relationships. Written by Anonymous

To me this was a great example of true storytelling / film making in the sense that this was a film that was about the characters. This film did not boast about any non-stop action scenes, or massive explosions. What it did do was turn a light on the drama and quirky dynamics of human relationship. Furthermore this film takes it a step farther and only takes focus on a small group magnifying the hidden dialogue that may occur behind closed doors. Films that tackle these everyday topics and showcase them in an interesting way have always fascinated me. So for YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS I give it 4 Stars.



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