Saturday, October 22, 2011


Just last night I was one of many who got to witness something SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR and I'm not over hyping it, that's what it was called. Furthermore, it was very SPECTACULAR, OK you got it, but for real the show was that damn good.

My first experince with the famed CHIKOKO Girls was way back in 08' when they did a show for the Fifth Sun's Grand opening party. From then I was hooked, I wasn't always able to attend every show they've had since then, but just the mention of their name had me reminiscing of all the incredible sights of 08's' show.

This time fixed around a BIG TOP or Carnival theme with side show booths, acrobats, animals, and dancers ...oh my this was such a treat and right before Halloween, amazing. So I'm just suggesting to you the next you her about a CHIKOKO Girls show ...GO!!!



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