Saturday, October 15, 2011


So with another Saturday upon us I want to wish everyone a great weekend. As we get back in the major groove of things when I say WHAT’S GOOD? I really want to know WHAT’S GOOD?  What is HOT! I say that because that is what we are going to share with you our own brand thoughts on what is HOT!  ...Enjoy!

We’ve been hearing a lot about this show called “How to make it in America”

Looks pretty DOPE! ...right?

We’ve been hearing a lot from Kreayshawn off the strength of her viral video hit GUCCI GUCCI, which if you haven’t seen it by now, well... What do you think, does she have longevity in the game, has anyone seen her live, or is she just hype?

Rhianna... need we say anymore more.

We know everyone has an opinion and we want to hear yours so please leave a comment.


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