Wednesday, July 5, 2017

MOD MAN #5 Harumi

The next morning he awoke with the sunrise creeping through his bedroom window to see Harumi still asleep. He was still in awe of her intoxicating beauty, her hair tussled and thrown across the pillow, her arching back and curvaceous booty. Maybe exiting that door was her moment to be in the limelight or maybe it was his. Whatever the case, as he looked at her sleeping there in his bed, the only thought in his head was to gently wake her so he could seize her for another day.  

As she began to wake, he had already slipped back into bed next to her. He played as if he was still asleep and watched her with one eye open. She moved like a model. The morning sunlight glowed on her pale skin. She put on her Jimmy Choo red suede heels becoming a matter of inches taller. She walked around the bed to the balcony doors and opened them, letting in a flood of warm morning light. This is where he started each day, meditating drowned in the morning’s gift of light. Today he got to watch Harumi. She stood there in nothing but her red suede heels letting her nude body absorb the heat from the sunshine. It was a perfect picture, which sparked in him an idea.

She then, after a few minutes of just being and contorting and stretching out her body with yoga or Tai Chi like movements, began getting dressed. He made noises like he was just waking up and saw her standing there adjusting her black lace bra. He said “Good morning,” and she replied with the same. “How long have you been awake?” He continued. She replied, “Long enough to feel you eyes on me”. He laughed.

She jumped back onto the bed with the sunlight casting a halo effect around her head, another perfect picture. They lay there looking at each other for a beat, not saying a word. He moved his right hand and touched her left hand, flexing and extending her well-manicured hand. It was 9am. At that moment, the thought came rushing back into his mind. Looking her over from the soles of her feet to the top of her head with a few intermittent stops on the way, the idea screamed to him again. He told Harumi, “Give me one minute, and I’ll be right back.” He jumped out of bed, a little stiff still, and went down the hallway to his studio while wearing his scarlet pair of Ralph Lauren boxers. He entered the studio and grabbed the first camera he had ever used which was a Nikon SLR. He loaded it with black and white film, took two other canisters of film, and headed back to his bedroom. His intent was to make “MAGIC”. She smiled at my return and smiled even more when she noticed the camera in his hand.

From what he still could remember from the night before, he didn’t remember telling Harumi what he did for a living. Yet she moved as if she knew what was coming next. She began to move more seductively arching her back and running her hands through her hair. He would press the trigger snapping her pose and then she’d move, snap, move, snap, move, and snap. At one point she began tearing at the sheets and throwing them from the bed, while grabbing another and covering herself. He raised the sheets with his left hand and snapped off a few more shots with his right as she posed provocatively under the covers. At the moment that roll of film was spent, Harumi grabbed the camera from him saying, “Your turn”. Her soft voice and broken English pattern made for an intense segway.

He reloaded the camera for her and showed her a few pointers and settings to shoot with. He remembered when he was learning the manual camera process. It was like one of those “BIG IDEA” moments or like the discovery of fire for him, as it opened up a whole other world of creativity. Harumi snapped off a few practice shots. He was feeling a little self conscious and hesitant, as he was always the photographer behind the camera. He asked her, “What do you want me to do?” This was a classic line he’d heard from many an aspiring model and subjects in his photo series. Yet he wanted her to direct him, as she looked around the room gathering ideas of where to place him. She would then say, Move over there. Put your hands on your stomach. Smile. With each excited direction she gave him, it was difficult not to be aroused. He grabbed a pillow from the bed shielding himself. “Put that down”, she said with a stern voice. He put the pillow down. He looked at her with an excited glare. He was becoming the submissive. They both soon began to enjoy it, as she continued to bark orders at him, telling him how to move this way and that, contorting his body and using it as a prop. She finally told him to remove his boxers and lay on the bed. From that moment on she shot the most provocatively intimate poses of him. The Magical moment had arrived.

They finally took a break, walking out to the balcony and to the afternoon sky. It was 3:30pm. He felt lighter. He felt like he had just conquered some kind of fear, or like stepping out from an emotional sauna. As Harumi shot, she began asking him questions. They started out easy and gradually began to dig deeper into his psyche. As they got more familiar, she would ask him to act out certain roles or place him in hypothetical situations and have him act out of those feelings. When it was right she would capture the moment on film. If someone gave him a stack of bills at that moment it would pale in comparison to the feeling he had after exposing himself to the point as he did with Harumi. It was cathartic.

They kissed, went back inside, partially dressed, and moved through the house to the kitchen. In the kitchen he found a pair of heels, which had to be either Kimberly or Okoye’s next to a pair of cowboy boots. He threw them in the adjoining guest room. As he made a late lunch early dinner Harumi told him she’d be leaving California to go to New York in a few days and that he should come. He didn’t say, yes right away, he guessed he was still holding on to something that was making me hesitate. He knew he was scheduled to meet with some brokers on a script he had to finish, but that wasn’t for two more weeks.

She proceeded to tell him of the amazing places she’d be staying at that had quite the view of the New York skyline, making the offer that much more intriguing. They ate out on the back balcony, continuing to converse deeply about life, love, and happiness being as honest and free as could be after their unique photo session. He asked her what he had wondered since running into her at the gallery exit asking

“Where were you thinking you were going when you went out that exit at the gallery?

“I was looking for you”, she replied.

He then asked, “How did you know I was outside that door?”

She replied with “You are wearing glo in the dark shoes”.    

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