Friday, July 14, 2017


Upon inviting his blonde neighbor in 35 B to taste test his concoctions they began spending more time together. He treated her to street style tacos, chicken and waffles, short ribs, and chilli & jalapeno cornbread. She was a willing participant which he liked easy on the eyes yet the most important thing was that he began to like was her articulate, and honest critique. 
Fortunately she liked everything he had prepared for her, which enhanced his confidence in taking the risk of moving on with this cooking thing. 
One night after he had made her jerk chicken salad sliders she questioned him on what his endgame was. With wide eyes sitting accross from him at the kitchen counter he explained how this was a childhood dream to be a chef in his own restaurant and how losing his job found him out job hunting and he came up on the food truck that served gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.
Then he told her his plan to get himself entrenched in the business and begin to really live that life. The first step in his plan was to find work in the industry where he could learn as he went. While after work into the wee hours he'd perfect his cooking craft get some sleep and repeat. 
The timing would probably take a matter of months, but he'd give himself three. He knew there were people out there with the same dream, more experience, and probably more of everything than him yet he was game for the challenge. 
So upon going back to the steakhouse to humbly take the dishwasher position he was notified it was filled, but a manager position had just come open and without another word he took it. 
Continuing to meet with his neighbor a few times a week still getting to know eachother into the wee hours of the morning she was becoming a real inspiration to him. Yet her greatest help to him was yet to come as she was yet to share that her day job was in financing.

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