Friday, July 28, 2017


He lay awake in bed looking at the ceiling trying to decipher what his neighbor had recently offered him. She had come out of nowhere with a very risky idea that could be exactly what he had been looking for. He tossed and turned reflecting on his journey to that point remembering the catalyst to his entire life change, which was his seeking the alter to some random church. 
It had been a rough road along the way some remnants of his old life still remained, but nobody's perfect. The dawn was turning to morning as the pale blue light was becoming a warm orange tone. He rose from bed earlier than usual and sat in his kitchen brewing a cup of coffee and making a pros and cons list to help him decide.
Each time he would and one he'd add one to the other side. He was deadlocked. He thought some more with another cup of coffee now sitting on his couch and still his list was deadlocked. He tossed the pen and pad his caffeine rush building. He tried to just think with his heart on what he really wanted, yet still nothing. 
He hopped in the shower and continued to think. He eventually realized he had become attached to his job at the steakhouse like a surrogate family as he lost the family from the job he was let go from. It was like a rebound, it feels good, but may not wholly be good for you. 
Then it hit him, his basic fear was that he'd have to go this food truck venture alone, but in reality it came with a built in partner that would handle the financials, which was her expertise leaving him to focus on the cooking. With that frame of mind the choice was clear and he couldn't wait to share it with everyone. Looking to the heavens he began to get tremendous feeling all over as he saw things working out for the good.

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