Thursday, July 6, 2017


He sat at a nearby plaza bench and savored the gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. He felt this was feeding the hunger feeling he was having yet it only fueled it as he began to analyze the ingredients and how he might make this experience even better. Sharp cheddar, buttermilk bread, real butter, cooked till golden brown and crispy and sprinkled with coarse salt. There were a few other items on the menu that tempted his taste buds, but he sought a recipe that would top what he was eating then and there. 
Feeling his pulse rate rise he understood the feeling of hunger he was having it was the yearning to do something new, something he knew he once loved. Playing with the idea he headed to a local market and excitedly began pairing items for his own version of the grilled cheese sandwich. Finding a selection of cheeses, sourdough bread, real butter, guacamole and a few other items. 
Upon heading out of the market on his way home he began to see his being let go from his last job as a blessing in disguise feeling that finding the love of cooking again might be a risk, but it would change his life forever. Mentally thinking of a strategy to make all of this a reality he began looking at his options. 
As he pulled into his complex he saw the blonde from apt. 32 pull in at the same time. Inspired so heavily to make this transition he invited her to a taste testing dinner of sorts that very night. She joyously obliged excited to see what he'd come up with. 
After a shower and change she arrived at his apartment which was alive with music and tempting smells. There was even a twinkle in his eye as he explained to her what he had been going through and how this was going to be the thing that helped him to continue on. A final few touches a sprinkle and he served her a golden brown grilled 3 cheese sandwich with guacamole, cured meats and a gracious smile.

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