Saturday, July 22, 2017


He was now coming up on the 3rd month of managing at the steakhouse. He had taken to the challenge rather well. Yet there were some hiccups along the way that seemed to make the transition impossible like dealing with customers face to face. 

Another slight bump along the way was the dress code for the steakhouse was a bit more high scale requiring he to get more regular hair cuts and shaves. His neighbor in 35 B even came out with him to the mall to advise him on some dresser looks. She thought it was cute he'd asked her to accompany him. Ultimately he purchased a few shirts, ties, a pair of slacks, and a versatile blazer to bring everything together. 

The two continued to draw closer to each other. His plan of working nights and coming home to cook and her taste test also continued when possible. She was seeing his hardwork leading up to something, but as his role at the steakhouse grew it was hard for him to maintain both with the same intensity. 
He had developed a small menu that he felt would knock anyone's socks off if they tried it, but for now it was only between him and his neighbor. One night as he had made it home he was beat so when his neighbor came over happy to taste another new dish they sat on his couch sipping beers and talked. She showed him something she'd been working on on her own. She showed him an ad for a vehicle that could be turned into a food truck with some work.

She knew she had been coy, but she revealed to him if he really wanted to go that route she could help him finance the vehicle and get it up to code. The only condition he'd make her a partner and let her try her hand at cooking from time to time on the truck. 
He in no way saw this coming and knew a choice had to be made. The risk loomed large as he was gaining respect at the steakhouse and it felt good, but it even felt better to have someone believe in him and his dream and want to help.

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