Thursday, June 22, 2017


He awoke from a deep sleep. It had been the best sleep he had had in a few weeks and was feeling decidedly rested. Looking at the blank ceiling above him reality was sinking in on him that he had spent enough time wallowing in the depression thick like mud that was all around him. Windows had their curtains drawn tight, he hadn't shaven or kept up hyginically in weeks. His apartment had become a pigsty as well as his mind with thoughts of impending doom. 
As he lie there he knew things couldn't keep going this way. He recalled his vow to change and the ceremonial gesture that took him to a random church's altar to say a word. To have gone through all that and end up in a worse place seemed cold, dare he say un-Godly.
He worked through all the reasons why he shouldn't get out of bed realizing again that if anything was going to really change he knew he had to be diligent whether at the moment he felt it or not. He moved from his prone position to sitting at the edge of his bed arms slumped over his knees. Then with a mighty sigh he began to do the things that he should have been doing all along.
He hopped into the shower and shaved. He tidied up his atrocious apartment and drew the curtains letting in the sunlight. He closed his eyes and his body winced as if he was part vampire and the sunlight would destroy him. Soon he became acclimated again to the natural light and was even a little energized by it. He had put on some music to aid him in the process and it all seemed to be working. 
He stood at his living room window taking in the view as he had returned his living quarters to something that resembled a healthy some may even say sophisticated set up. Yet as he stood there somewhat pleased with himself his mind wouldn't let him realize he was getting things back on track.

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