Thursday, June 29, 2017


That morning as he left his apartment for the first time in weeks a hunger was in him that he couldn't place. He had breakfast two eggs and some fixings, and a cup of coffee. Yet it wasn't that type hunger, that he could tell.
He was headed to the downtown district of his city with the hope an opportunity would open up for him. Downtown he had some connections and networks that he needed to tap and sniff out job. Moving from office to office there were so many amazing smells that were tempting him to come to their store.
He had his portfolio with him stacked with unrevamped resumes since being let go. He figured all the relevant information was there to help him find his next job, but in a way he was yearning for something different. One meeting he had scheduled was with a steak house owner hoping he might be able to help develop marketing campaigns or do some accounting. As they spoke over finely made Old fashions he was feeling a bit like the guy was selling him a dream to come when the only work that was available was washing dishes. 
Upon leaving the steakhouse feeling a nice buzz he latched onto that feeling of hunger that was still with him. The day seemed to be a bust as he continued wandering the streets of downtown with nothing to show for it. He then caught a whiff of something that sparked his inner being. He began tracking the source of this delightful smell. 
He continued till he passed all the buildings on the block reaching the artisan plaza where the scent grew stronger as well as the watering of his mouth. Then as a group of people parted ways in front of him he saw something that made his heart warm with nostalgia walking up on a food service truck who's speciality was gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. 
This was a smell that as a kid would draw him from his bedroom upstairs rushing to the table as his mom would serve grilled cheese sandwiches on occasion as a cherished snack with homework, after weekend chores, or on trying days like today.

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