Thursday, June 1, 2017


It came to his attention merely by chance realizing that for the past several weekends he had found himself keeping his mind busy with work.

Exactly three weekends looking at a calender wondering where the time went. While still battling in the back of his mind about being a better person. Yes he was drinking again yet in a different way not trying just to be numb.

The day was nice sunny with birds calmly chirping. He sought the solice outside making it to the poolside of his apartment complex as it was readily unoccupied. He took only his work files and a tall glass of lemonade. Productively working for an hour and a half his mind was swimming with ideas and solutions.

That all changed when from apartment 35 B emerged the attractive blonde he'd only talked with in passing. She took a bench spot poolside as he shared a wave and smile with her.

At first he was able to continue focusing on work but as she got down to her neon pink Brazilian cut two piece swimsuit he sipped hard off of his lemonade. Then out of the side of his sunglass lens he watched her rub sun screen into her tone arms, body and legs down to her manicured toes the same color as her swimwear.

His focused soon eroded completely till he packed up his files and glass of lemonade taking the bench next to her. He broke the ice with a bit about how his presence poolside enticed her to come out and join him in the solace. She smiled, not denying it, and not feeding his ego completely.

They continued to talk into the evening going back and forth. He felt incredible as if the changes in himself he was working to make were paying off leading him to the right place at the right time.

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