Friday, June 16, 2017


Things were bleek and for the moment there were no real answers. Of course he figured he'd rebound and find another job, but at his current salty stage there would be no job searches or revisions to his resume.
He was still having flashes of anger and dispair sapping any motivating thoughts of getting back out there. He did have a little money in his savings so the urgency was real, but not enough to russell him from his dark place and moment. 
His current dark place outside of his mind was his apartment. He had been held up in there alone for just about a week and a half. Curtains drawn blocking out any ounce of sunlight. Staying up late and waking around noon caught up in the void of losing his job. He was more or less feeling like he was losing at life just when things seemed to be going so well. 
With seven plus days of facial hair growth he looked like a completely different person. In a way his confidence was shaken and his outlook on life had him confused to his core. He sat at the center of his couch mindlessly watching tv and drinking off a fifth of Jim Bean when at the top of the hour a new show was beginning that dealt with chefs cooking their favorite dishes and a few other hot points that peeked his interest admits the fog of his dip into depression. 
He had found enjoyment in cooking at one time finding a peace like none other. Yet the realness of life kept him from doing anything more than doing dishes for holidays and special occasions. He remembered once how he secretly dreamed of being a chef and running his own restaurant. That dream soon gave way to applying for a highly competitive, high paying, high stress job that had sucked 4 years out of his life leaving him the lifeless being that sat on his couch as the t.v. show began making him think about things he hadn't for some time.

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