Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MOD MAN #4 Origins

It wasn’t always exotic trips, beautiful models, and glamorous parties. Before the fortune and fame came a long line of opportunities and based on how these cards were played gave the result you see today. Yet there was one pivotal moment that could have given the whole story a different tilt. Some years back when he, Malcolm Fitzgerald was just a name on a roster for a youth baseball team with dreams of making it to the league was all he had dreamed of. He was scouted straight out of High School. There was talk be it reckless and unjustified or completely justified the talk was that this kid was to be the next Ken Griffey Jr. with a rocket arm and a bat full of t-n-t this kid was bound for the league. 

Eventually graduating High School he headed to Texas from California to attend school and play baseball. Texas wasn’t the only school to give him a full ride to play baseball, as his talents were well known yet hopes of having him on their roster with an already strong core of players definitely made the possibilities for a winning season even more possible. Working through all paperwork and preparations to become a Longhorn had him up for the move. Traveling with his parents helped him to settle in. Immediately he was in love with the campus and the campus was in love with him, as people were gravitating to him like he was already a “big man” on campus. 

After a stellar year of playing centerfield for The Longhorns the talk of going to the league rose a notch making the signing for the draft a major decision for the young Malcolm. Ultimately he decided to stay another year in hopes of taking The Longhorns to the College World Series and winning a National Championship. They had only missed by a few close games and as his status continued to grow. 

As a student his studies ventured into the creative arts. He had always been creative as a kid yet his athletic talents always over shadowed his creative side. Sometimes he was taking a hit academically as he’d spend more time on the field than his studies. In his heart and mind his path was as an athlete. 

As another year passed at Texas and still no National Championship the decision to enter the draft loomed large. This time around he took it singing up for the draft hoping it was the right decision. The excitement was palpable from teammates, coaches, to students, and teachers they were all happy for him and for having gotten to know him, the kid whom might someday become a household name for playing the game he loved. 

All along the way and even up to this point he had been developing a relationship with a girl named Candace. She wasn’t a groupie, actually far from it as she was an art major and was in his Photography class and got to see his a keen eye for the process. They became close friends leading up to his decision to enter the draft. Again, she just wasn’t some girl he’d call up asking for a booty call. Although there were times they filled a void for each other in the course of their complex relationship. 

Candace was from Texas a red headed green-eyed girl with a dash of freckles on her face. Malcolm had shared with her first the news that he’d forgo his next few years of college to go play baseball. Their time together had created a bond between the two that had made his choice to leave a difficult one. The unexpected or expected consequences was that they both knew the day would eventually come, but the abruptness made it that much more difficult. She did try to talk him into reconsidering, but Malcolm was nowhere near hearing that kind of talk. At which point Candace questioned where they stood were they friends or was it more to which Malcolm sided with her realizing that it had become something more than a friendship.

The resolving factor was Malcolm explaining to Candace that if she wanted to see him happy she’d see this was the right move. Candace after much thought and reasoning found it to be the right choice, as his life would completely change and her role in. She hated to see him abandon all the work and progress he had developed as an artist and photographer so she made Malcolm agree to finding ways to continue his artistic studies and take a camera wherever he could to keep his photographic eye sharp. Malcolm agreed and within days of sharing the news to the world in a news conference that he’d be heading to the draft he found out he was drafted by to L.A. Dodgers and heading back home to play ball.    

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